to authorize a details amount that stocks and bonds in the corporate charter of: to capitalize a corporation.

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to concern stock as a dividend, thereby capitalizing preserved earnings, or as negotiation of an unpaid arrearage of desired dividends.
Accounting. To set up (expenditures) as organization assets in the publications of account instead of dealing with as expense.
to take benefit of; rotate something come one's advantage (often complied with by on): come capitalize ~ above one's opportunities.

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OTHER WORDS indigenous capitalize

cap·i·tal·iz·a·ble, adjectivecap·i·tal·iz·er, nounnon·cap·i·tal·ized, adjectiveun·cap·i·tal·ized, adjective
capitalism, capitalist, capitalistic, capitalization, capitalization issue, capitalize, cap it all, resources letter, resources letters, capital levy, capital loss

To capitalize a native is to make its very first letter a resources letter—an uppercase letter. For example, come capitalize the word polish (which is below spelled through a small letter p), you would write it as Polish. 

A indigenous whose an initial letter is a funding can be explained as capitalized. The state of being capitalized (or the procedure of capitalizing) is called capitalization, together in Please examine your file for appropriate punctuation and also capitalization.

In English, words room capitalized because that a couple of different reasons. That is considered a standard ascendancy of English to capitalize ideal nouns (which room nouns the refer to details people, places, or things—meaning one’s the have specific names), such together Jess, Mexico, and also Nintendo. Capitalizing a word can adjust the way the leader interprets its meaning, together in the instance of polish (a verb definition to do something shinier) and also Polish (an adjective describing who from Poland) or apple (the fruit) and also Apple (the company).

We likewise capitalize the very first word in a sentence. Sometimes, we capitalize the first letter of each word in a title, together in To all The boys I’ve love Before. 

Example: A many of human being don’t bother to capitalize words once sending message messages. 

Capitalize also has several various other meanings. Come capitalize top top something way to take advantage of it. You can capitalize top top an chance or a situation by law something to advantage from it in part way.

Example: The firm is capitalizing on the public by releasing brand-new merchandise. 

In the context of finance, capitalize is used in an ext specific and technical ways. The many straightforward sense of the word in this context means to it is provided with capital (money).

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Example: Most startups space capitalized through friends and also family members prior to they’re able come secure far-reaching funding.