Normani dances naked with pregnant rapper Cardi B in his latest solitary Wild next video. This additionally shows she dancing v her clone.

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An American singer (25 years old) and also Cardi B (28 year old) have the right to be seen hugging each other naked in a truck rapper’s poem.

Elsewhere in Normani’s 6th solo single video, she dances v her clone in a mirror room and is covered specifically in a jeweled white bikini.

In the video, Normani dances solo and, v a backup dancer, at first dresses in a red soft dress in a bright red room, initially dressed in a black color cutout outfit through arm-length gloves and thigh-high boots. Ns will. Sai High Split.

After that, she relocated to a concrete out setting, where fifth Harmony singers and also dancers wore all-leather street-style outfits.

Cardi B composed in one Instagram post:

“The dead desire to cry for you! Wild side on every platforms!”

The rapper announced in ~ the gambling Awards in June that she is right now pregnant v her second child, together with her husband, Offset.

Normani was initially auditioned together a solo artist on the American variation of The X variable in 2012, yet during the display he was put right into a girl group with allied Brooke, Camila Cabello, Dyna Jane and also Lauren Jauregi, and also Fifth. Formed Harmony.

Pops and also R & B teams finished 3rd in the track competition.

Before acquisition a break in 2018, lock released 3 studio albums together, and since then every members have actually released solo singles.

Normani previously made a cameo illustration in the music video for Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s track WAP.

She additionally collaborates with other renowned singers, consisting of Khalid and also Sam Smith.

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Normani and also Cardi B run naked in a wildside music video

resource link Normani and Cardi B dance naked in a wildside music video

sheldondaneJuly 16, 2021
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