The above femme fatale Catwoman — likewise known together Selina Kyle — has been portrayed several time in movie and TV history. She debuted in the 1940 comic Batman #1, and also she"s appeared in several live-action iterations since then. Native actresses Julie Newmar and also Eartha Kitt come Michelle Pfeiffer, ann Hathaway, and Camren Bicandova, each version of the typically leather-clad cat burglar with a feline affinity has to be unique and also memorable in her very own way.

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One the the least well-known renditions the Catwoman, however, is halle Berry"s portrayal from the 2004 independent film, Catwoman. Berry"s take on Selina Kyle to be a an essential failure, though many reviewers deadline the flop to the wooden script fairly than Berry"s performance. The Rotten Tomatoes movie critics Consensus goes therefore far as to say "Halle Berry is the lone bright spot, yet even she can"t conserve this laughable activity thriller." 

One of the silliest facets of Catwoman is Berry"s non-functional outfit. Though all of the various versions of Catwoman have actually a costume make of a similar material, Berry"s look to be a drastic readjust from the original — and also the adjust didn"t make much sense.

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One the Catwoman"s initial co-creators Bob Kane revealed that Catwoman"s sex very nice was inspired by the 1930s sex symbol Jean Farlow, and also went on to explain why he and Bill Finger made decision to version her after ~ a cat: "I feel that ladies were feline creatures and men were more like dogs. While dogs room faithful and also friendly, cats space cool, detached, and also unreliable. I felt lot warmer v dogs roughly me — cats are as tough to recognize as females are" (via Screen Rant). Every rendition the Catwoman has actually gone on come wear skintight black leather indigenous head to toe, mirroring off their figures.

While Berry"s costume was likewise made that revealing leather, it certainly wasn"t head come toe. Her leather pants had actually claw marks anywhere them, revealing she skin underneath; her top was basically a leather strappy bra; and of course, she had to wear part high heels (because reportedly all female action stars need heels). As well as being optimal 2000s style, the costume made absolutely no feeling practically.

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However, Berry let everyone know she didn"t have any problem with the look. "(The suit was) the to mark of the whole movie experience," she told Contact Music. "It to be empowering. As well as the noticeable sex appeal, it yes, really takes a specific level of to trust to traction it off." We"re happy to know that Berry was comfortable, and that"s what really matters in ~ the end of the day. As for Catwoman, probably it"s for the ideal that this superhero flick remains a standalone.