Most the the shows have been substantial hits, others have come with controversy and every one of them have made audiences across the U.S. Take one more look at the southern capital (for far better or for worse).

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Well ~ showcasing class of celebrity spouses, enthusiasm daters and also even successful doctors, Atlanta is currently welcoming mother to acquire in top top the reality present buzz.

After months of rumor and speculation, “Celebrity Mamas the Atlanta” is comes to Peachtree TV.

The display will air its premiere episode on Sunday at 2 p.m, i beg your pardon is an unexplained time slot based upon previous fact programming schedules.

So who mothers room signed up to welcome the camera crews into their personal lives? The best names would probably be Mama T.I. And also Mama Diane. For those who aren’t as well keen on utilizing context clues, this ladies are the mother of rapper T.I. And his mam Tiny.

Other mothers who made the reduced include K Camp’s mommy Mama Camp, J Holiday’s mommy Mama Holiday, Syleena Johnson’s mother Mama Brenda, Rasheeda’s mommy Mama Shirleen and also Ca$h Out’s mother Mama Ca$h.

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It’s unsure if the mothers will really be introduce to each other with their Mama aliases but if castle do, it would certainly likely be among the plenty of producer-constructed concepts that reflects just how fake reality TV have the right to be.

The an excellent news is, what many reality shows lack in… well… realness, they frequently make up because that in pure entertainment value. That course, that’s with the assumption that “reality TV” is your cup of entertainment tea.

It will definitely be interesting, however, to check out if these mothers take their celebrity kids out of their Hollywood personas.

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Let’s it is in honest, a most us would song in because that a chance to view Ca$h Out come to be John-Michael Hakim Gibson if he uncomfortable his mother while the cameras were around.

So are you excited to watch inside the stays of these local celebrity moms or has actually reality TV fatigue hit you so difficult that even famous moms can’t traction you the end of the slump?

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