LilHuddy aka chase Hudson Age, Bio, Girlfriend, Profile| call Details (Phone number, Instagram, YouTube, email address)- LilHuddy aka follow Hudson is an net Star that has acquired fame for developing unique contents on both YouTube and also TikTok. The is additionally popular as a member the the cooperation TikTok team The hype House. He has a romantic relationship with the other star Charli D’Amelio. His parents room Cole Hudson and also Tamora Hudson. He has actually two sisters called Marlena and Karissa.

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Name: LilHuddyBirth Name: chase HudsonDate that Birth: may 15, 2002Age: 19 YearsBirth Sign: TaurusNationality: AmericanBirth Place/City: Stockton, CaliforniaProfession: YouTube and also TikTok Star



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