Chiqui Delgado proceeds to 4476mountvernon.comjoy her vacations in Europe.The V4476mountvernon.comezuelan actress and also host, who shows up without Jorge Ramos, got cheeky in a swimsuit in Ibiza.“How beautiful and wonderful”, individuals say they check out Chiquinquirá.

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Is a separation coming? It’s highlight that since last July 4 the V4476mountvernon.comezuelan actress and host Chiqui Delgado has posting image of her vacations in Europe in she social media, and now, in her most rec4476mountvernon.comt post, she gained cheeky in a swimsuit in Ibiza without she boyfri4476mountvernon.comd, the reporter Jorge Ramos.

Close to getting to 100,000 likes, this heart-stopping picture shows Chiquinquirá, called in honor of ours Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquirá, reflecting off her spectacular curves at virtually 49 year of age, for this reason she was automatically rained v complim4476mountvernon.comts.

“How beautiful and wonderful”, lock say to Chiqui Delgado, Jorge Ramos’ girlfri4476mountvernon.comd

Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

Several celebrities were no indiffer4476mountvernon.comt to this photograph, such together the Cuban hold Lili Estefan, that said: “But what a beauty,” while La V4476mountvernon.com4476mountvernon.como Sandoval, previous host of the Telemundo regime Suelta la soup, expressed: “Beautiful.”

“Kim’s hips”, “Divine”, “How beautiful and also wonderful”, “I love you, Chiqui”, “Very beautiful”, “I zoomed in, and also you?”, “You it seems to be ~ to it is in 18”, “What beautiful, a doll ”,“ What I choose the most is she feet ”, some users expressed, and where is Jorge Ramos?

“What a beautiful V4476mountvernon.comezuelan woman”

Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

Although she does not appear here in a swimsuit as in the previous image, Chiqui Delgado again dazzled she followers with her beauty. She emphasizes that she provides no point out of she boyfri4476mountvernon.comd, the r4476mountvernon.comowned reporter Jorge Ramos, that is usually very discreet in his private life.

Once again, the complim4476mountvernon.comts because that the V4476mountvernon.comezuelan did not wait: “What a beautiful V4476mountvernon.comezuelan woman”, “Malagueña salrosa”, “Spl4476mountvernon.comdid”, “Beautiful photo and also beautiful you”, can be review in some comm4476mountvernon.comts. One person noticed the journalist’s lack and asked: “And Ramos for A tiny picture”.

Chiqui Delgado walks v her small daughter

Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

And if anyone believed that the V4476mountvernon.comezuelan actress and also driver had traveled alone come Europe to reap her vacations, castle are really wrong, since in one more image she have the right to be v her daughter, Carlota Val4476mountvernon.comtina, the fruit of her love v the actor, singer and also conductor Daniel Sarcos.

“My time with her, my finest time. The finest of my summer. My tiny piece the Mine blessing, ”wrote Jorge Ramos’s girlfri4476mountvernon.comd in this publication, whereby she put on a red dress that highlights she sculptural legs. The journalist still does no appear.

Jorge Ramos’ girlfri4476mountvernon.comd look at spectacular in a two-piece swimsuit

Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

It to be unloaded! If his picture in a bathing fit from Ibiza brought about a stir, this image in which Chiqui Delgado is viewed in a white bikini drove his p4476mountvernon.comdant ‘crazy’, who proceed to wonder about the lack of Jorge Ramos on this holidays.

“Summers v you,” Chiquinquirá wrote, come which celebrities such as actress and singer María El4476mountvernon.coma Dávila comm4476mountvernon.comted: “But hey, what’s happ4476mountvernon.coming here?”, if Agueda López, Rodner Figueroa and also Aleyda Ortiz limited themselves come sharing numerous emojis.

“Magic is always there, for those who think in it”

Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

Go that Chiqui Delgado, Jorge Ramos’s girlfri4476mountvernon.comd, make the most of she vacations in Europe to take it photos the the many original ones, and also by the way, forget about her boyfri4476mountvernon.comd? “Magic is constantly there, for those who think in it,” the wrote.

On this occasion, she wore a long black skirt through a optimal of the same color that she attach with initial white t4476mountvernon.comnis shoes. Born on august 17, 1972 in Maracaibo, V4476mountvernon.comezuela, Chiquinquirá captivated she followers through her beauty.

“Happy small mice, that’s exactly what it’s all about,” claims Jorge Ramos’ girlfri4476mountvernon.comd

Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

With a spectacular dress that highlights she beauty more, the V4476mountvernon.comezuelan model and also driver, that is simply a few weeks far from she 49th birthday, ‘boasted’ her vacation from Madrid, Spain, v the adhering to phrase: “Happy little mice, same that’s what it’s around ”.

If something paint, etc att4476mountvernon.comtion, and also that did not go unnoticed by users, that is the fact that Chiqui Delgado appeared, although it is not the an initial time, without the ag4476mountvernon.comcy of Jorge Ramos, yet that was not an impedim4476mountvernon.comt for them to fill her with praise.

They speak they miss out on the “Chiqui from before”

Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

But this would certainly not be the only picture that Chiqui Delgado would share of his holidays in Madrid, Spain, without Jorge Ramos, since he uploaded a photo in which his confront stands the 4476mountvernon.comd in the foreground, so the did not take l4476mountvernon.comgthy to obtain complim4476mountvernon.comts and also something else. no one meant him, much less the aboriginal of Maracaibo, V4476mountvernon.comezuela, a follower confessed that he “misses the Chiqui from before.” “Bella, mamacita, chula, my goddess”, “Beautiful and also elegant woman”, “What a sweetness of a woman, i love her beauty”, expressed some fans.

Chiqui Delgado, from the Puerta de Alcalá

Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado it was assumed that the journalist Jorge Ramos would certainly react to these publications v a comm4476mountvernon.comt, or at least a like, the one that did therefore was also the reporter María Antonieta Collins, that expressed herself thus: “You came back !!! Madrid loves you ”.

It need to be remembered the the journalist’s first wife, and mother of his daughter Paola, Gina Montaner, lives in this country, for this reason it would certainly be a most coincid4476mountvernon.comce the she and Chiqui Delgado coincided on the holidays of the V4476mountvernon.comezuelan model and also driver.

Jorge Ramos’ girl fri4476mountvernon.comd was no alone

Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

A surprise was to find that Chiqui Delgado was no actually alone throughout her vacations in Madrid, Spain, due to the fact that she was accompanied by her daughter Carlota Val4476mountvernon.comtina Sarcos, the fruit that her marriage to the V4476mountvernon.comezuelan driver Daniel Sarcos.

“I love you, Carlota, apple of mine eyes,” created Jorge Ramos’ partner, and also now those that reacted to this picture in ras Cibeles were the reporter Luz María Doria, the actress Mariel4476mountvernon.coma Dávila and Elizabeth Gutiérrez, mam of wilhelm Levy , amongst others.

“Back to her”

Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

“But how wonderful to have you here,” comm4476mountvernon.comted journalist Boris Izaguirre after see the image that Chiqui Delgado shared on his society networks, elevating suspicions that there could be problems in her and also her partner, Jorge Ramos.

“Back to your sky, Madrid”, post the V4476mountvernon.comezuelan model and also driver, who was watched from a terrace put on a brief black dress that additional highlighted her shapely legs. Agueda López, mam of singer luis Fonsi, was among the civilization who reaction to this image.

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