When you’re searching for Chinese food distribution in the Detroit metro area, Wok come You is here to help. You can call or stimulate online making use of our ordering kind and have actually your favorite Chinese dishes sent straight to your door. We supply from restaurants based in several areas! These incorporate Clinton Township, Eastpointe, and also St Clair Shores. If you don’t feel prefer Chinese food, we likewise have Thai and sushi choices available. If you’re looking for food shipment near me, take it a look at the Chinese restaurants that us have accessible for delivery.

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China Villa – center Line

If girlfriend live, work, or pat near center Line, girlfriend can uncover China Villa on valve Dyke Ave. But there’s no should pay the restaurant a visit once you deserve to order v Wok come You! ar your order online or top top the phone, and also your food will be with you quickly. China Villa is a favorite among locals, and they’re well-known for their modern interpretation of standard Chinese dishes. The restaurant is open up seven job a week, v a wide menu that has all the classics.

Ye’s China King – Chesterfield Township

Ye’s China King, on Gratiot Ave, has a an excellent selection the chef’s specialties, from the classic General Tso’s chicken come bourbon chicken. They have every little thing that girlfriend would intend from a Chinese restaurant, plus some steamed dishes the are best for human being who want a low-calorie option. Lock have mix and double combination platters, plus family members dinner provides for straightforward ordering. If you’re in or close to Chesterfield Township, you’re in the perfect ar to order native Ye’s China King.

China Kitchen – Clinton Township

When you want a local restaurant that delivers but additionally offers family members dining, China Kitchen is an excellent choice. Occupants of Clinton Township or areas nearby can discover a regional gem in this restaurant, which is affordable and also has a menu with every one of the must-have dishes. The menu attributes some great house specialties, including some spicy options, the restaurant’s lo mein recipe, and also the China Kitchen special. Your affordable combination plates and also family dinners room a an excellent draw too.

China Star – Clinton Township

Another Chinese restaurant choice in Clinton Township, China Star, offers family members dinners for up to 5 people, or friend can choose from their more comprehensive menu. The Chef’s Suggestion section of their food selection is helpful if you need some suggestions! you can likewise explore the full selection of everything from chicken and beef dishes to lo mein, fried rice, and egg foo young. Even if it is you want a standard almond boneless chicken or you desire to branch out and shot one of their Thai choices instead, there’s something because that everyone.

Golden door – Clinton Township

Wok to You delivers from a range of Chinese restaurants in Clinton Township, including gold Gate. Once you need Chinese food close to me, golden Gate has actually a terrific menu featuring Szechuan dishes, authentic Cantonese food, and a great selection the chef’s specials. Once you’re in search of an affordable lunch, this restaurant provides $4.50 having lunch specials that come with an egg roll and also chicken fried rice, which adjust every week. They also have household dinners easily accessible for increase to 6 people.

May Hong – Clinton Township

May Hong‘s huge menu is ideal once you want to have actually plenty of choices. This Clinton Township restaurant has plenty of different dishes and variations, from chop suey and also fried rice come Shanghai style and kung bo. They have actually a an excellent selection of home specialties, from might Hong fajita to moo goo gai pan. Family members dinners are accessible for up to 6 people, and single, double, and also triple combine are additionally an option. Low calorie, steamed dishes can likewise be ordered.


Dragon 1 express – Roseville

Another restaurant based in Roseville is Dragon 1 Express. The restaurant specializes in appetizers, seafood, and also a range of chef’s specials. If you’re looking for something a small different, try the mei fun, i m sorry is made v thin rice noodles. For a good deal, you can take a look at the double combos, and also the household dinners. Healthy and balanced steamed options are accessible too, v veggies and tofu available for vegetarians. There’s additionally a kid’s menu, which has crab rangoon, fried shrimp, and also chicken nuggets.

Canton refer – St Clair Shores

Explore the authentic Cantonese specialties at Canton to express in St Clair Shores. There’s a huge range the poultry, seafood, beef, and also pork options, as well as fried rice, egg foo young, and more. Other highlights on the menu encompass Szechuan recipes, chop suey, and also chow mein, lo mein, and a even an excellent vegetarian selection! family dinners for up to five world and mix plates are an excellent deals too. You’ll uncover some treats top top this menu that you won’t find elsewhere.

China Wok – St Clair Shores

Whether you’re searching for a lunch distinct or something because that dinner, China Wok in St Clair Shores has something because that you on your menu. Having lunch is accessible from simply $6.25, while dinner combinations are simply a pair of dollars more. Dinner specials for multiple world all come with egg rolls, dinner rolls, fried rice, and also wonton or egg autumn soup. Friend can pick from two, three, or 4 items, depending on how many world you’re ordering for, and also get a great deal.

Moy’s – St Clair Shores

Moy’s has an excellent selection of house special dishes, through the alternative to have actually a complete dinner v soup, egg roll, white rice, or fried rice for only $1.50 extra. Their specials range from standards such together sesame chicken come Triple Dragon, which attributes pork, chicken, and shrimp v Chinese vegetables. You’ll find every one of the expected dishes, plus alternatives for moo shu and also pan-fried noodles. While some restaurants could only offer general Tso’s chicken, Moy’s likewise has shrimp and also beef variations for those searching for something different.

Cheng’s asian Bistro – Sterling Heights

For anyone searching for a mix the Chinese and Thai dishes in Sterling Heights, Cheng’s asian Bistro is wonderful option. In enhancement to your Chinese menu, they also have a variety of Thai dishes, including standards pad thai and also pad see-ew. However if you want to stick through their Chinese offerings, you deserve to discover every one of the usual dishes. For noodle lovers, you deserve to choose between lo mein or mei fun. The chef’s specialty food selection items offer some great choices too, including seafood delight and beef through scallops.

Lim’s – Sterling Heights

This family-owned restaurant in Sterling Heights has actually a menu with a huge variety of options. Discover your favorite dishes or shot something new when you’re looking for Chinese food distribution near you. Shot some of the house specialties, native the Lim’s one-of-a-kind to their Szechuan shrimp. Their household dinners are excellent value and offer menus because that up to six people, complete with soup, egg rolls, and also fried rice.

Golden Harvest – Warren

Get her favorite classics, to add some much more interesting dishes, ~ above the food selection at golden Harvest in Warren. V Cantonese chow mein and also Hong Kong lo mein top top the menu, girlfriend can obtain a taste of different parts that China (mixed v America, the course). Seafood lover can uncover some details gems, through fresh catch of the day, seafood in a bird’s nest, chili crispy shrimp or calamari, and more.

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New Star to express – Warren

Make your selection from the new Star to express menu, with every one of the normal suspects top top offer, indigenous chop suey to orange chicken. There’s a good selection the vegetarian dishes and also some good lunch combinations, i m sorry come with egg rolls and fried rice. Household dinners are available for increase to five people, plus there’s a tasty variety of house specialties to try.

Order her Chinese food from every one of these Michigan restaurants native Wok to You. Friend can discover our distribution area here, and check out every one of the menus because that each restaurant!