Actor chris Pine to be mocked because that his mangy beard -- and also apparently referred to as Chris Pratt -- top top the 2017 gold Globe Awards red carpet.

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The crowd simply shouted \"Chris Pratt!\" at chris Pine #GoldenGlobespic.twitter.com/W54DZgH6De

— Mia Galuppo (
ifiwere2tweet) January 9, 2017

Chris Pine\"s 36, arriving on a red carpet with grey in his beard. Females well into their an elderly years don\"t dare show up w/one grey hair.

— spicedrum (
spicedrum) January 9, 2017

I desire a young, hot Santa Clause origin story starring kris Pine. #GoldenGlobespic.twitter.com/ABJbrxxciO

— michael brown (
boyinquestion) January 9, 2017

So, no the finest start come the night. There\"s additionally this beard the shade from the other day:

They called Chris pine tree a \"dapper werewolf in a turtleneck\" and also I can\"t unsee the pic.twitter.com/WqjHUPD4yY

— Jarett Wieselman (
JarettSays) January 7, 2017

Pine defined that his beard is because that his function as Dr. Alex Murry in \"A wrinkle in Time,\" i m sorry is now shooting because that a 2018 release. The movie -- based on the novel by name by Madeleine L\"Engle, and directed by Ava DuVernay -- has actually an all-star cast, including Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Michael Pena, and more.

Pine\"s recent film \"Hell or High Water\" was nominated in ~ the golden Globes for ideal Motion Picture, Drama. He\"ll quickly be seen as Steve Trevor, Diana Prince\"s love interest, in \"Wonder Woman.\" on the Globes red carpet, jaw praised the DC film: \"It is going come be, i promise you, fantastic.\"

He wasn\"t sure if the film would open up in June or July, however \"Wonder Woman\" -- command by Patty Jenkins, and also starring gal Gadot -- is at this time scheduled for relax June 2, 2017.

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