Teigen go on Snapchat yesterday to present off her spray tan process. However, her viewers gained a little more than the new bronze.

As quickly as the three-second snap was posted, people were rapid to tweet Teigen about a nip on slide that showed up in the post. Though many of she fans didn"t think it to be a big deal, Chrissy felt favor it was something the she necessary to address with grave seriousness.

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Tweet may have actually been deletedTweet may have actually been deleted

The video is currently deleted, but the LipSync fight cohost tweeted the perfect an answer to she fans" reactions with one straightforward word.

Tweet may have been deleted

But she didn"t stop there and also decided come poke fun at the uproar of she nip slip. She post a "press release video" top top Twitter and also continues to be the true queen of society media.

"I just want come apologize to everyone i know. I"ve let my friends down. I"ve let my family members down. Um, I have nipples. It"s no something I"m proud of," she said.

Tweet may have actually been deleted

Teigen even showed a screenshot from she assistant, because it"s probably never a dull minute working because that her.

Tweet may have been deleted

So, keep being friend Chrissy, nip on slide or not, us wouldn"t have actually you any type of other way.

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