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The news the Christina Grimmie -- the 22-year-old singer who, as a new Jersey teen, do a surname for herself on YouTube before broadening her fame in 2014 ~ above Season 6 of “The Voice” – was shot and killed Friday while signing autographs because that fans ~ a concert in Orlando, Fla., is tragic. But for pan of “The Voice” that watched Grimmie present off, during her time top top the show, not only her outstanding vocal chops and also stage presence, but additionally her musical creativity, willingness come experiment and upbeat resilience, the loss need to be heartbreaking.

Those that watched Grimmie turn four chairs during her blind audition and then stick roughly to finish 3rd on the show, behind only sweet, shy, country-singing runner-up Jake Worthington (of Team Blake Shelton) and also silky-soulful winner mockery Kaufman (of Team Usher), knew she was an unexplained talent. Grimmie’s coach, Adam Levine, believed in her so fiercely that, at one point, that promised the audience she would finish up win the show. Then, when she didn’t, that announced the he plan to authorize her come his own label.

Levine took to Twitter come share that he and also his wife, model Behati Prinsloo, to be “absolutely devastated and heartbroken” through the news the Grimmie’s death. Shelton tweeted that he was “stunned and also disgusted and also heartbroken” at the loss of “that sweet small girl.”

“Voice” host Carson Daly said, via Twitter, that he was “so sad” and “still in shock” and detailed that Grimmie was “special. Had actually IT. Talented. Kind. Funny. Loving. Courageous.”

As details about the scenarios of Grimmie’s death proceed to emerge, it’s worth remembering some of the triumphs of the promise young singer’s every too short life.

Here are 6 memorable moment of she time on “The Voice.”

1) Grimmie’s remote audition, as soon as she seriously came in favor a “Wrecking Ball” and also showed turn off her an effective vocals and potent performance style on the Miley Cyrus hit, earning not only a four-chair turn, yet standing ovations native both Usher, who dubbed her “phenomenal,” and also Levine, who dubbed her “engaging and also passionate” and also even more comfortable onstage 보다 he.

2) she intense peak 12-show take on Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse,” in i m sorry she lugged new meaning to the lyrics “there’s no walk back.” Usher referred to as Grimmie a “baby Celine Dion.” Levine stated she had actually “huge pop star” potential. And also Shelton was moved to remark the petite powerhouse Grimmie was “100% proof that dynamite come in little packages.”

3) Her top 10 power of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re walk Home” on which she accompanied herself on the piano. Levine claimed he’d want her to carry out a track “that no one else would pick and do the in a way that no one else would perform it,” including that it to be a “cool trailblazing point to do on the show.” Guest mentor Graham Nash gushed that Grimmie’s vocal “range,” “control” and also “depth,” at period 20, were “insane.” Shelton said it was the minute she go “from being a singer to being an artist.”

4) at the time, the decision to sing Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” v the help of a voice processor dubbed a vocoder throughout the semifinals maybe didn’t seem like such a good idea. It put Grimmie in danger of being sent home. (Thankfully, she was saved.) Today, though, it seems like evidence of Grimmie’s creativity, as did her variation of fun.’s “Some Nights” – through cool light effects and tons of balloons – ~ above that exact same show.

5) The power that motivated Levine to unapologetically promise viewers that Grimmie would win the present if they saved her, Timbaland’s “Apologize.”

6) Grimmie’s performance of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t help Falling in Love” in the finals, which Levine said was fearless and also Shakira called “flawless.” (Her finale duet with Adam Levine on Gotye’s “Somebody the I supplied to Know” was likewise fab.)

In fact, nice much any time Grimmie got on the phase that season, she solidified the impression that she to be destined to be a star. (There was the duet she did through Ed Sheeran throughout the Season 6 finale, which relocated me to compose that “their linked voices sounded like a caress,” and the time she returned the following season to sing her own song, “With Love,” and, and, and also …) that she didn’t gain a chance to live the destiny for lengthy is just heartbreaking. Truly.

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