If you want to have actually cities, you have to develop roads. A truer statement may never have actually been said. Cities: Skylines counts on roads, however direction matters. If you’re choose us, did you do it probably discovered yourself place one and realizing only too late that it’s walk the dorn direction. In Cities: Skylines how to adjust road direction is an important thing to know.

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Cities: Skylines has a huge variety of road choices to experiment v as you expand your infrastructure and support larger populations within your city limits. You have actually the alternative to develop both one-way and also two-way roads, and the number of lanes deserve to go from 2 to 6 lanes for surface streets. And you can scale all the means up to full-on highways. Store in mind the highways don’t permit for roadside zoning. So friend don’t desire to develop one going right through the middle of your downtown.

Once did you do it laid under a network of streets, you can view their standing by check the traffic Routes information view. It offers you v all the info you need to know around the traffic flow of your streets and also how street junctions room operating. It even permits you to adjust the route of each road.

For ours purposes, its greatest value comes from showing girlfriend which direction web traffic is flow on a details road. This is wherein you’ll discover any kind of roads that aren’t running in the appropriate direction. Many likely, the direction that a roadway will be a problem in downtown locations where there room a many one-way streets.


How to change Road Direction

If you’ve reviewed the website traffic Route details view and have found an offending street travel the not correct way, have actually no fear, there is a solution. Very first off, make sure you’re utilizing the most present version that Cities: Skylines. Back when the game launched, what we are around to define didn’t work. Together Paradox continued to update the game, they added the ability to readjust the direction that one-way roads.

If you’re acquainted with the video game at all, you’ll know that there is a switch near the bottom that your display while as you build roads labeled through an exclamation mark. This is the update Tool. The base usability of this device is to update the road form of a street you’ve currently selected. However, it have the right to you can use that for various other things together well. If you want to readjust a two-way road to a one-way road and vice versa, this is the device you use.

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It’s additionally how you adjust the direction of a road. To carry out that, simply select the upgrade Tool. Then mouse over the road you desire to change, and also right-click ~ above it. It’s that easy! when complete, all web traffic on the road will start to flow in the contrary direction. Just make certain that direction isn’t into oncoming traffic.

There you have it. It’s an easy to readjust road direction in Cities: Skylines. For other beginner tips and tricks, inspect out this guide!