You have the right to turn charcoal and/or charcoal right into crystals and/or diamonds by heater up the coal, placing it in peanut butter, and then freezing it in ice.

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Is it feasible to make Diamonds from Coal and also Peanut Butter?

You can’t turn charcoal or coal and also peanut butter right into a crystal at residence by heating the charcoal or coal and putting the in peanut butter and ice. However, scientists can turn countless carbon-rich substances into crystal in a lab.<1><2>

In various other words, the videos online that mirrors coal and peanut butter turning into crystals ~ being collection in ice are all fake.

None of these people actually put coal (or charcoal) into peanut butter and pulled out a crystal (or diamond). The doesn’t issue if you freeze it, or just how much you heat the coal. These videos are simply attempts to acquire you to click on them so they might wrack up see (i.e., they are clickbait).

With that said, scientists have the right to actually turn countless things through carbon right into crystal (including coal, charcoal, and also peanut butter), but they have to do that in expensive labs, under certain conditions, end a long duration that time, and even climate they only gain tiny crystals out of it (for “how to make diamonds the end of peanut butter,” see: “How to make a diamond from scrape – v peanut butter.”)

Not just that, yet just in case science to be wrong and those videos virtual were right, we tried this experiment… and, on the note, we have the right to confirm all we got is a lump of charcoal / charcoal spanned in peanut butter. As with you would expect.

In other words, that Blossom video that mirrors “10 Tricks friend Didn’t understand You might Do v Your Food“… is not actual (I’ll function a video below reflecting the clip from flower so we space crystal clean on what I’m referring to).

Also, blossom (and particularly the YouTubers who pretend to execute this in a microwave) should worry a warning, since lighting charcoal in your home is in reality dangerous and could result in… literally fatality (at least according come the warning label on charcoal).

Is it possible to make Diamonds native Coal and Peanut Butter?

Where go the peanut butter / charcoal /diamond myth come from? In 2014 a German Geologist named Dan Frost was challenged by the BBC’s Future to make crystals out of peanut butter. That did! However, that did that in his lab. After ~ BBC future released this earlier in 2014 the story went viral with significantly all articles leaving out the part about Dan act this under very specific conditions in his rap (example, Gizmodo’s just how To do Diamonds out Of Peanut Butter). The point Dan to be trying to make was around heat, pressure, and also carbon producing crystals in the earth’s mantle (see the quote below). Fast forward come 2018, and a misrepresentation the this story went famous claiming the you can make diamonds at residence from coal (or charcoal) and peanut butter. To really know the story, and the mechanics behind why peanut butter have the right to be offered to develop crystals in general, watch the original article from BBC Future “How to make a diamond from scrape – v peanut butter” (I’ve had an excerpt below).

The high pressure of the mantle pressure carbon dioxide from the rocks into the iron-rich minerals, which strip away oxygen, leaving the carbon to kind a diamond. And that is specifically what Frost uncovered when the recreated the process using his presses – essentially forging a diamond from thin air. Frost is hardly most likely to do a fortune native his harvest; the diamonds take an agonisingly long time come grow. “If we want a two-or-three-millimetre diamond, we would should leave it for weeks,” that says. That hasn’t quit him trying out with various other sources because that his diamond maker, however; in ~ the behest that a German TV station, he attempted to create some diamonds native carbon-rich peanut butter. “A many hydrogen was released that damaged the experiment,” he says, “but just after it had actually been converted to diamond.

– indigenous BBC Future 2014

Does it matter if you use coal or charcoal? that doesn’t matter what substance you use or exactly how carbon rich, you can’t revolve coal and also peanut butter into diamonds in ~ home. That said, coal and also charcoal are different substances. Quora explains it well, “Coal is the mineral anthracite, a fossil fuel written of carbon and created over millions of years by the pressurizing and long term break down of that organic products like tree remains. Charcoal is created by slow heating of hardwood or various other combustible substances in the absence of oxygen.”

Can I revolve coal and peanut butter into crystals in the microwave? Microwaving these things in a plastic container is a really negative idea, especially if you execute it indoors whereby you can breath in the resulting smoke, carbon dioxide, and also toxic chemicals. Over there is no reality to the peanut butter charcoal myth, so certainly don’t execute the microwave version. Therefore again, to it is in clear, it is accurate impossible and actually highly dangerous to make diamonds at residence using a item of coal, peanut butter and also a microwave.

Turning Coal into Diamonds, utilizing Peanut Butter

Is there any kind of real method to make crystals? Yes, there space a couple of fun ways to make crystals at home. However, none involve peanut butter. Right here are a perform of methods to in reality make really crystals at residence without destroying your microwave or endangering her family.

Bottomline: Anything with carbon can be turned right into a decision under the appropriate conditions, so friend did discover something from those famous videos (FACT: coal, charcoal, and peanut butter space all carbon rich and can be turned into crystals… under the right conditions, in a lab). However, you can’t carry out this at home, and burning charcoal within is dangerous. Thus, you are much more likely come injure you yourself or your family members playing with hot charcoal inside 보다 you room to do a crystal (low opportunity of injury; zero possibility of make a crystal).

You can’t revolve coal and/or charcoal right into crystals and/or diamonds at home. However, 1. Scientists deserve to in a laboratory using certain methods, and 2. You can die native carbon monoxide poising from burning charcoal inside.

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So, carry out learn around science, but please don’t try this at residence (and if friend do, don’t try it indoors).