Pumpkin spot was good for household photos. Plenty of pumpkins & prices seemed good. No long lines for rides since it was an extremely hot. Kids loved the rides & can rides as numerous times as they wanted. However, over there was just one time & not enough seating. They should have at the very least had much more tents/shaded areas and people would have actually just sat on the grass and also relaxed. Nothing think I would pay to go back.

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It to be ok. There are a couple of rides here and there. As whole its an ok location to have actually a great time because that a while.
Expensive and also bad food, basically warm dogs and corn, $8 for a cup of beer, not enough shaded areas and also nothing much for youngsters to do. Ns felt robbed. That course, i won’t come ago ever again. You had to pay because that pumpkins $5 and $10 each depending on sizes if you want to decorate them. No chairs come sit. My neighborhood’s pumpkin patch was waaaaaay much better and that was for free!

It only lasts two days, however the Coconut Grove Pumpkin spot Festival packs in enough activities to make them count. Take it the pumpkins, for instance. There room thousands that them, varying from giants perfect for carving jack-o"-lanterns to white ones come others good for making pies. After ~ you"ve made her selection, celebrate loss with some family-friendly fun—your alternatives include a corn maze, and pumpkin decorating.

Admission covers unlimited carnival rides; In the food court, pumpkin restrict the menu—you can shot a pumpkin funnel cake, pumpkin-curry shish kebabs, and pumpkin beer because that grownups.

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