Cognitive manage is the procedure by which objectives or plans affect behaviour. Likewise called executive control, this process can inhibit automatically responses and also influence working memory. Cognitive manage supports flexible, adaptive responses and facility goal-directed thought. Part disorders, such as schizophrenia and also ADHD, are associated with impairments of executive function.

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study 31 august 2021 | Open access


post | 20 July 2021

managing the high: arising legislation and also detection techniques for cannabis impairment

thomas R. Arkell, Amie C. Hayley

correspondence | 14 July 2020

answer to: Assessing the causal role of at an early stage visual areas in visual mental imagery

News & see | 06 July 2020

Some animal models are more equal than others: Cortico-striatal circuits because that translation

Cortico-striatal circuits space at the heart of many brain disorders, which method they are frequently studied utilizing neurobiological pet models. A brand-new study offers resting-state functional connectivity to assess homologies the cortico-striatal circuits in mice, monkeys, and humans.

News & see | 29 April 2020

Hippocampal firing rates count

Li Yuan

Editorial | 06 April 2020

The Expedited international Standards because that Neurological group of Spinal Cord Injury (E-ISNCSCI)

Stephen P. Burns

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News & views | 28 march 2018

U-turns in the brain

When making decisions, new information sometimes calls for a change of mind. Brand-new results suggest that areas of the prefrontal cortex play distinctive roles in evaluating new evidence in irradiate of a previous choice and translating the result of this evaluation process into an explicit report that one’s spatu confidence.