Columbia is just one of the supporting personalities of the musical horror present The Rocky horror Show. She is a groupie and the lover that the pansexual mad scientist alien, Dr. Frank-N-Futer. But her condition as lover no last together Dr. Frank replaced her with Eddie, the delivery boy. Yet Eddie’s rebellious mindset attracted Columbia. And also they dropped in love v each other.

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Their love wouldn’t critical long because Dr. Candid was not happy around it. He eliminated Eddie and also used half his mind as component of his brand-new creation referred to as Rocky. Though Columbia was simply a support character in The Rocky fear Show, she tho played crucial roles in the show. She also soloed four songs throughout the show. That made the character vital figure in the show. This article is a Columbia costume guide.

The Rocky Horror show Columbia Costume Guide


Parts you might need

1. Full Columbia Costume examine Price

2. Columbia Rocky fear Wig check Price

3. Smooth Fishnet Stockings check Price

4. Leather Choker check Price

5. Red Lipstick inspect Price

6. Columbia Rocky horror Shoes examine Price

7. Pink Blush inspect Price

8. Light Blue Socks check Price

The best Columbia the The Rocky Horror show Cosplay Ideas

As a groupie that Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Columbia dresses the component since she appearance is rather a homage to exactly how Dr. Open minded wears. However she did include a bit of flair and also showmanship to she presence. ~ all, she is also component of the performers the the show.

This cosplay overview will function Columbia’s complete costume. It consists of a silver- tube through a gold magician lengthy tail coat on optimal of it. The costume collection also comes with a rainbow-colored high waisted short and a pair of seamless fishnet stockings. The cosplay set also contains a gold top hat, a couple of black high-heeled shoes, and also a pair the blue socks. The cosplay set is completed with a brief red wig for Columbia’s hairstyle, a red lipstick that matches the shade of her lips, and pink blush for the makeup the the character wears.

Columbia’s character in The Rocky Horror present is in reality a bit tragic. It no really proclaimed how she ends up together Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s groupie or just how she ended up as her lover. But it appears she join him, believing there’s something much more for her if she go so. She tags along with every one of his whims, and also even finding pleasure in visiting his laboratory. However she realized in the end that Dr. Open minded doesn’t yes, really care about her.

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She knew the he just uses world for his very own desires. However this didn’t avoid her from sacrificing she life to defend Dr. Frank’s own. This tragic story made civilization sympathize v Columbia. This, together with the character’s showy and also bright costume, provides her a an excellent cosplay option. If you look in ~ the cosplay photos, you can see that dressing up together Columbia for costume parties, or comic conventions is a good idea.