A. Consider an air-filled charged capacitor. How deserve to its capacitance be increased?

Increase the fee on the capacitor.

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Decrease the fee on the capacitor.

Increase the spacing in between the key of the capacitor.

Decrease the spacing between the plates of the capacitor.

Increase the length of the wires bring about the capacitor plates.

B. Consider a charged parallel-plate capacitor. How can its capacitance be halved?

Double the charge.

Double the key area.

Double the key separation.

Halve the charge.

Halve the key area.

Halve the plate separation.

C. Take into consideration a fee parallel-plate capacitor. Which combination of transforms would quadruple that is capacitance?

Double the charge and twin the bowl area.

Double the charge and twin the plate separation.

Halve the charge and twin the bowl separation.

Halve the fee and double the plate area.

Halve the bowl separation and twin the key area.

Double the bowl separation and halve the bowl area.


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