Considering this cooler is manufactured by Coleman (one of our top rated cooler manufacturers) it’s no surprised its superior quality. It additionally comes through a developed in bottle opener which is the can be fried accessory when purchasing a beer cooler. The solid latch renders carrying of the cooler and also moving it about hassle-free. This is the perfect item for every beer lovers, particularly those that choose to have a frequent Corona.

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Corona Cooler box Comparison





12 V


Soft Sided



12 Bottles







Best For: Travel/ constant Use

Best For: Tailgating/ Camping

Best For: Beaches/ Camping

Rating: 2.8

Rating: 3.7

Rating: 4.1

Pros the the Corona Beer Cooler


For those that choose to reap their regular Corona & Lime, this cooler is absolutely a new of sorts. Because it has a built in bottle opener (and us all know exactly how handy the is for a Corona beer) it is the perfect accessory for those greater class beer drinkers. You know, the kind that drink “non-twist-off” lid beers…..


Made that stainless steel, beer and also soda stays ice cold also in excessive heat. Friend simply have to make sure to shut the lid properly and you can guarantee your drink as cold together if it came from your fridge at home.

Ice Retention

Ice Retention is commendable, to add the cooler is portable in ~ 65 pounds. You have the right to keep as numerous as 85 cans of beers or sodas inside. The architecture is indeed an excellent for having actually ultimate outdoor coolness. This works as a great patio or outdoor bar cooler.

Most famous Corona Coolers

Corona Stainless stole Cooler

When it involves durability, this can stand the check of time. The strong build and rugged style can certainly survive year of use. As long as you watch to the the latch is correctly shut, this cooler guarantees maximum ice retention. The Corona beer cooler offer a high level the novelty because that those that love a Corona & lime. Due to the fact that this has actually a built in party opener, that is the can be fried accessory for la cerveza mas fina!



Corona Cruiser

The Cruiser is a thermoelectric cooler the is best for cottages in the woods, camping trips, tailgating, and also more. It never ever requires friend to acquisition or worry about ice. You can simply plug it into any kind of 12-volt receptacle or girlfriend can likewise use the in your house or everywhere else the you have access to a power outlet. Every adapters because that the strength supply are included. That keeps the within at around 40 degrees F. This is a 48-quart cooler that actions 23.2 x 17.4 x 18.4 inches and weighs only 26.5 pounds. It also has several various other impressive attributes such as a integrated bottle opener, beverage holders, and a lime holding compartment, i beg your pardon is fully equipped through a cut board and also knife.


Corona Extra Soft sided Cooler Bag

This soft face cooler is perfect for a lunch bag or it can hold approximately 12 party of your favorite beverage. It is easy to work-related with thanks to the top loading design and smooth zippers. It steps 10 x 8 x 8 outside and also 10 x 7 x 7 inside. It weighs 14.4 ounces once empty so also when complete it must not sweet you down. That does not have actually a plastic insert but yet is still basic to clean.

Corona Beer Cooler Accessories

Corona Extra Beer Neon irradiate Sign

Now, if you’re at it, girlfriend might likewise consider a couple of other Corona products. These commodities will work well follow me side your new Corona Beer Cooler. This is one good bar accessory, the Neon Sign.

This comes through a grid and gauge to assist you in mounting on the wall. This great work of art can also be placed on your home window to be lit up at night. So long as the irradiate is mounted somewhere that it will certainly not it is in exposed come the rain and excessive humidity for that matter, this neon authorize will last for quite some time.

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Corona Rita Drink Clips

You’ve most likely seen these gems at restaurants as they are the perfect complement for Margarita Glasses. This comes in packages the 6 so you will have sufficient to use once you room in the mood for entertaining. These tiny treasures space party favorite!

These are an excellent drinking party favors that will suit the the atmosphere of all party goers. Her summer parties will certainly be perfect with these accessories. In fact, this is the same clip offered in world class bars and also cocktails so friend now deserve to have the sophisticated cocktails you’re offered to acquiring in the restaurant in ~ home. Make a splash at your following party v these Corona Rita Drink Clips.


Corona Beer party Opener & lid Catcher

If girlfriend love Corona and you are worn down of endlessly searching for a bottle opener, this might be great for you. That is a solid, actors steel party opener that steps in in ~ 3-1/4 x 2-5/8 inches. It likewise has a stainless steel cap catcher that steps 3-5/8 x 5-5/8 x 2-5/8 inches. That is one officially licensed Corona product and both parts lug the name we all love. Both pieces room designed to mount on a wall surface so the they are constantly within simple reach. Have the right to you imagine having actually this piece hanging on your guy cave wall surface or anywhere else you host parties?