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chapter 18Vol.3 chapter 17 : ReturnVol.3 thing 16 : Saki"s DesireVol.3 thing 15 : PersistenceVol.3 thing 14 : ErinaVol.3 chapter 13 : ReunionVol.3 chapter 12 : lost ItemVol.2 thing 11 : A ray Of HopeVol.2 thing 10 : ConstraintVol.2 thing 9 : DoubtVol.2 thing 8 : SpeciesVol.2 chapter 7 : Saenoki NahoVol.2 chapter 6 : PossessedChapter 5 : youngsters SpiritsChapter 4 : YumaVol.1 chapter 3 : EncounterChapter 2 V2Chapter 2 : Omen of DespairChapter 1 V2Chapter 0 : Prologue

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Corpse Party: one more Child chapter 18 summary

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