Cottonwood river Reaches significant Flood StageMajor flood stage for the Cottonwood flow starts in ~ 16 feet. It's at this time just above 17 feet. The national Weather business projects it'll stay around this level for at least an additional week.

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Dayton tours Storm-Damaged SW 4476mountvernon.comGov. Dayton declared a state of emergency for 36 counties and the Red Lake reservation because of persistent significant weather.

Southwestern communities Fight Flooding After heavy RainTwo days after poor storms swept throughout the state, some southwestern towns are rolling up your sleeves for a flood fight.

Man Arrested In connection With human Remains uncovered Near Sleepy EyeA Springfield, Minn. Man was arrested in link with the Sleepy Eye vehicle accident that resulted in the exploration of person remains last month. Twenty-six year old Miguel angel Vazquez, the Springfield, Minn., to be arrested on dues of 2nd degree murder.
* ultimately Overcoming Drought, now Floods are PossibleWe had actually a dry fall, winter, and spring - until newly as many parts that the state have received numerous inches of rain in the past week.

Heavy Rains reason Road Flooding In SW 4476mountvernon.comHeavy rain are bring about some road flooding in southwestern
Flooding supposedly Breaks Gas line In brand-new UlmHigh water and debris in the Cottonwood flow apparently damaged a herbal gas heat in new Ulm, and more than 2 dozen homes lost service.
New Ulm structure Berm against RiverNew Ulm is structure a berm to safeguard itself against the River.
Flights viewing damage to Tonga from large undersea volcano eruptionA towering ash cloud due to the fact that Saturday's eruption had prevented previously flights. Part Tonga residents described it as looking prefer a moonscape together they started cleaning increase from tsunami waves and also ash.
Chris Stapleton: The 60 minute InterviewThe 43-year-old has collaborated with few of music’s greatest names and won five Grammys, but stardom has never appeared to it is in the score for kris Stapleton. Sharyn Alfonsi reports.
Face the Nation: Hogan, Lucas, GottliebMissed the second half of the show? The latest on variant-specific vaccines, Maryland’s struggle with federal assist for COVID-19 testing, and Kansas City’s Omicron surge.
North Korea fires projectiles in 4th launch this monthSouth Korea's joint Chiefs the Staff stated the North most likely fired two ballistic missiles, but didn't automatically say how far they flew.
Pure, honest, and also minimal: satisfy the trio behind chris Stapleton’s unique soundChris Stapleton and producer Dave Cobb deconstruct their recording process and why Morgane Stapleton is regularly the “voice of reason” in the studio.
Who betrayed ann Frank and also her family?A retired FBI special agent and also a team that investigators believe they’ve solved among the world’s many well-known and tragic cold cases. Jon Wertheim reports.

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FBI identifies suspect that took hostages at Texas synagogueRabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker of Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville post on on facebook on Sunday the he is "grateful that we made it out."
Rural Alabama ar faces wastewater crisis — threatening the stays of the most vulnerableThere's no municipal sewage device in the unincorporated areas of Lowndes County, Alabama, and also an estimated 80% of households have no adequate septic system either.
CBS Weekend News, January 16, 2022Dangerous winter storm to influence nearly 80 million Americans; Scientists find a method for fish to drive