Soap fans will be acquainted with Danny Dyer together Mick Carter in EastEnders (Image: Kieron McCarron/BBC)
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Before pulling pints in The Queen Vic , Danny Dyer was a movie star with loads of glittering leading duties under his belt.

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Born in east London in 1977, the famed cockney has actually played countless television and also film characters due to the fact that his an initial acting project in collection Prime suspect 3 back in 1993.

at this time playing unemployed Mick Carter in EastEnders, the actors career yes, really took off once he landed a significant role in fight movie human Traffic and also has to be a family members name ever before since.

He's due to the fact that played a rogue teenager, numerous gangsters, hopeless romantic and also even starred in a couple of horrors.

We love him.

So, let's take you back to some significant movies staring Danny Dyer the you may have actually forgotten about.

1. Goodbye Charlie glowing - 2001

An pure brilliant movie, in this humble writer's opinion. If friend haven't seen it, you need to.

The story complies with a team of teenage boys over one long summer on a tough South London housing estate.

A younger Dyer dram Francis, who ends increase in trouble after finding out the love the life is having an affair through the regional nutter.


2. The All together - 2007

Starring together now-Hollywood huge name young name Freeman, Dyer takes the function as an incompetent gangster named Dennis Earle.

In a nutshell, the comical plot adheres to two mobsters who invade the home of London artist Bob whilst his frustrated TV producer flatmate is the end of town.


Danny Dyer functions in hit movie Adulthood through Noel Clarke (Image: publicity Picture)

4. Person Traffic - 1999

Based ~ above the 90s society scene, person Traffic follows 5 20-something finest friends end an ecstasy-induced weekend that relationships, booze, come downs and also an after-effects of actions.

Playing the personality of Moff, this is the film Dyer fall the well known 'nice one bruvvvaaaa' line.

5. The Other fifty percent - 2006

Dyer transforms his hand to romantic in this flick together he plays mark Lamanuzzi, who surprises his American bride with a dream honeymoon come Portugal.

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However, the country is hosting the european Football Championships in ~ the same time, which mark conveniently forgets to point out to his wife. Tut tut.