David Eigenberg Biography

David Eigenberg is one American actor finest known because that his long-running function on the HBO collection Sex and also the City, and for his duty as sublievenant Christopher Herrmann, on NBC’s Chicago Fire.

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David Eigenberg Career

Homicide: Life on the Street, wherein he illustrated copycat sniper, was Eigenberg’s an initial recurring function before he acted in The Practice. In Garfield, that expressed Nermal’s role: The Film. Throughout the critical season, he showed up on an er episode and took component in the Daybreak movie. In one episode dubbed “Flash Photography,” he appeared in the American TV present The King that Queens. He depicted Carrie’s worried friend’s boyfriend.

In 2002 Eigenberg starred in third Watch’s third Season episode entitled “Superheroes: component 1” in the short-lived character Officer Ross. He was featured in the science fiction collection The 4400 in July 2004. He showed up in part 2 together Carl Morrissey, licensed has been granted “The brand-new and improved Carl Morrissey” In the 6th episode the the TV series “Inner Child” i m sorry aired on April 20, 2007, Eigenberg appeared as a suspect.

It has showed up with Jennifer Love Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer and Ted Bankston, the former NSA analyst suspected of misuse of divide information, in the NCIS of CBS. His character had actually taken the daughter/sister that Michelle Lee native his homeland, Amanda, and forced she to work-related for him, and also in the 6th episode the “Dagger” the was eliminated in a stand-off between himself, Lee, and also Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

As Steve Brady, Miranda Hobbs’ on and off again boyfriend and eventual husband, Eigenberg has had actually a recurring role in the Sex and The City collection of HBO. In 2009, episode 13 the the Cold instance “Breaking News” appeared in Season 6. In 2010, he appeared in the Season 5 illustration of Criminal Minds entitled “Parasite” as Agent Russell Goldman. He showed up in castle Season 3 in in march 2011, like Peter Connelly, in the episode “One Life come Lose” He to be featured in a legislation & Order episode entitled “Strange Beauty” published on 16 may 2012: specific victim unit. Eigenberg was appointed senior firefighter and lieutenant Christopher Herrmann in the autumn of 2012 by NBC’s Chicago Fire.

David Eigenberg Age

Eigenberg is 56 year old as of 2020. He was born on might 17, 1964, in Manhasset, new York, unified States. He celebrate his date of birth on the 17th of may every year.


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David Eigenberg Family

Eigenberg to be born in a household of six children. Eigenberg is the just boy. He has an elder sister called Helen Eigenberg, and Betsy Eigenberg, a younger sister. His mother, Beverly, own pre-schools, and Harry, his dad, a windy accountant v certification. He was a Jewish father, and his mother was a Bishop; in the confidence of his mother, he was lugged up.

David Eigenberg Wife

Eigenberg is married to Chrysti Eigenberg because 2002. He and also his wife Chrysti (née Kotik) have a son, Louie Steven, born on 19 January 2009, and a daughter, Myrna Belle, born ~ above 31 January 2014.

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David Eigenberg network Worth

Eigenberg has an approximated net worth of $6 million i beg your pardon he has actually earned with being one actor.

David Eigenberg Movies and TV Shows

2012-2021; Chicago Fire2015-2019; Chicago Med2014-2019; Chicago P.D.2018; An agree Loss2017; Chicago Justice2016; Legend the Echo2013; Cody the Robosapien2012; Liz & Dick2012; legislation & Order special Victims Unit2012; The Game2011; Let’s do This!2011; Paul the male Matchmaker2011; Five2011; Castle2011; exclusive Practice2010; Sex and the City 22010; Justified2010; view You in September2010; Criminal Minds2009; ER2009; Cold Case2008; NCIS2008; Sex and also the City2007; Raines2007; The rouble with Romance2007; Monk2007; Close to Home2006; Driftwood2006; CSI Crime scene Investigation2005; Washington Street2005; Ghost Whisperer2005; judging Amy2005; Love Ludlow2004; Everwood2004; there is no aTrace2004; about the Ben2004; The 44002004; The Jury2004; Garfield2004; touching Evil1999-2004; Sex and the City2002; Hung-Up

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