Degrassi's next generation of high-tech newbies and returning student navigates real-world high school drama. If you're a teen, this is her life.

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Degrassi: Next class (Trailer)
Zoë take away a romantic risk. Miles falls under a poor influence. Maya faces Zig's insecurity. Hunter finds his tribe. Frankie heals indigenous heartbreak.

A school election bring up previous heartbreak between Tristan and also Miles. Maya is compelled to choose between her music and also Zig. Shay feel inadequate.

Miles sees something he wishes he hadn't. Frankie feels like her girlfriend don't recognize her anymore. Grace's standoffish actions worries Zoë.

Seeing that his mom is rapid to forgive, miles feels betrayed. Tiny coaches Zig come be an ext assertive. Hunter submits a inquiry to the student council.

Sexist digs gain Maya riled up at her band's an initial gig. Tristan make the efforts to relocate on. Shay permits fear to gain in the way of accepting an invitation.

Maya and her pals dispute the definition of "" miles finds healthy and unhealthy means to cope v anxiety. Lola learns come love herself.

Feeling unaccepted by her mom, Zoë searches for her dad. The gamer society lands in warm water over misogyny. Frankie wonders if she's self-absorbed.

Zig feels insecure once Maya and also Jonah walk to brand-new York to visit a producer. Miles spirals the end of control. Zoë and Grace try being more than friends.

Publicly embarrassed, Tristan gets sympathy from an unlikely source. Hateful digital attention spooks Maya. Frankie's love leads she to a surprise.

Frankie is unsure how to proceed with her current love interest. Mile finds it complicated to stop Esme. The digital troll threaten Maya is found.

Miles breaks part news come Tristan. Maya confronts Zoë. Frankie chooses between her 2 suitors. Hunter goes turn off the deep end.

A prank gone wrong ruins Frankie's reputation. Unable to expropriate that she's gay, Zoë snags a boyfriend. Hunter it s okay psychiatric aid and find romance.

Thoughts that Zig distract Maya together she tries come land a co-op through a music producer. Miles makes a change of plans ~ Hunter traction a attention stunt.

A forced stay at a psychiatric facility provides Hunter time to reflect. Shay questions whether Frankie should be excused because that pulling the banner prank.

Yael compromises her worths to rise her app's popularity. Frankie's feeble attempts in ~ apologizing to northern Tech change Shay's opinion that her.

Tiny learns Lola has actually been utilizing a date app. Grace concerns she looks unapproachable. Desperate to it is in liked, Zoë pretends to be something she's not.

When Lola step a protest the Tiny's suspension, Tristan do the efforts to prevent it from affecting the alumni gala. Frankie is haunted by her negative reputation.

Shay is offered Olympic-level training, yet with a condition. Winston pertains to Zoë's defense once she's accused of gift racially insensitive.

To avoid her classmates, Frankie runs away with Jonah. A health crisis leads Tiny and also Lola come a realization around their feelings because that each other.

A video game of truth or dare renders Tristan feeling insecure in his relationship with Miles. Zig's smooth moves catch the eye of a project recruiter.

After Grace acts on a romantic impulse, her an enig is revealed. Shay wonders if she must forgive Frankie. Yael go on the date she fan to Baaz.

Shay asks Lola for permission to date Tiny. Zoë can no much longer keep up she charade through Winston. Surprise visitors damage Hunter and Yael's an initial date.

In the wake of critical year's misfortune, Degrassi's students find different ways the coping. Meanwhile, the institution receives an influx of Syrian refugees.

One college student is can not to return for the start of the brand-new school year. Zoë bring away a brave step. A jealousy Lola lashes out.

The gamer club's arrangement to attract much more female viewers to their YouTube channel backfires. Esme reveals to Zig a dark burden she's carrying.

Shay suffers a feminine mishap. Miles finds it tough to proceed visiting Tristan. Goldi battles with being a Muslim in a mostly non-Muslim culture.

Frankie gets suspicious once Jonah refuses to display her a text article from Grace. Maya meets a student who shares she dark interests.

Hunter, Vijay and Baaz decision to see how they measure up to one another. A girls' night turns into a coed party and also leads to an unforeseen hookup.

Zoë and also Winston vie because that a date with Rasha. A breakthrough at the hospital stresses the end Miles. One insecure Frankie find herself stalking Jonah.

Grace encounters a difficult decision around her health. Rasha's first date goes awry. Hunter sick an embarrassment. Zoë is recorded in one intimate moment.

Lola take away a nerve-wracking test. Tristan provides progress. Maya sinks more into her depression. Miles worries that the play may be also revealing.

Maya come up v a plan to prevent her hurtful behavior. Zoë makes a bold explain at her mom's wedding. Frankie is caught violating others' privacy.

Tristan go to view the institution play. Rasha comes the end to Goldi. An unlikely college student finds Maya in the wake up of her misguided plan.

Grace find romance. Yael encounters an identification crisis. Frankie enters right into an unconventional relationship. Saad struggles to be interpreted by his peers.

Jonah hides a mystery from Frankie. Yael grapples with body issues. Maya's go back to school draws Zig's fist — and also Esme's jealousy.

Frankie's effort at posting happier picture on her social media feed backfires. Shay grows desperate for a competitive sheet in her athletic training.

A shocking photo damages Goldi and also Winston's friendship. Miles is thrilled by an invite to a writing program, till he to learn it's a diversity spot.

Grace decides to write up a bucket list. Maya rediscovers the funny of music. A terrorist attack overseas place Goldi in a scary instance close come home.

Saad is misunderstood once he concerns a display of assistance for the Brussels terrorist strike victims. A rumor circulates about Frankie, Esme and Zig.

Esme and also Frankie odor Zig after that gets negative news. A talent present performance earns Maya an offer. Yael looks for Lola's help with photo makeover.

During a camping trip, Maya suffers native songwriter's block, Frankie to learn the actual reason Esme befriended her, and Tiny and Shay obtain closer.

Saad confides in Lola, that helps him out of a troubling situation. Shay awaits a "" from Tiny. Tristan pushes himself too tough in rehab.

A fear delays the prom and also brings the police. Esme reflects up at the dance and also makes a scene. Mile talks v his father about his near-future plans.

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Zoë invites she estranged mommy to her graduation. Esme provides a last-ditch effort come win back Zig. The truth about the bomb hazard comes out.

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