It"s one of the IT Crowd"s classic scenes: in a bid to engage with harry the office postman, Moss learns exactly how to recite share football chatter v the website, bring about the following conversation:

Moss: walk you see that ludicrous display screen last night?

Harry the office postman: What was Wenger thinking sending out Walcott on the early?

Moss: Thing about Arsenal is, they always shot and walk it in.

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The step acts not only a lament of shallow and also banal football conversation, but likewise as a actual truism. Arsenal do always try and walk the in, and Walcott really shouldn"t be comes on the early.

Or execute they? Reddit user malalatargaryen learned the stats to find out if Moss" line actually rings true, and also the outcomes are surprising:

That"s right, Walcott has only come on as well early throughout that ludicrous screen last night once Arsenal were trying come walk that in 12 times over the previous decade.

In conclusion: every little thing you know is a lie.

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