Is Discord not showing the Overlay attribute after Pressing transition + F1? here how to resolve Discord Overlay no working basic easy steps.

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If you are a Gaming user or game lover, climate you have to be acquainted with Discord, The renowned VoIP (Voice over web Protocol) application gives quick communications like video clip calls, voice chats, message chats and even sharing screenshots v their friend’s list. And one the its special feature is the Discord Overlay feature, only comes through the latest version of discord app that combine your message chat & voice through your game-play by reflecting a semi-transparent home window on your display screen while playing games. However unfortunately, several of the users proficient Discord Overlay not working in home windows 10. During the video game Discord not showing the Overlay option after pushing the transition + F1 key, therefore making interaction difficult.
Contents1 Why is Discord overlay not working in games?2 Discord overlay choice not showing2.1 rotate on the overlay choice for your game2.2 change the Discord overlay Hotkey2.3 run Discord together Administrator2.4 Disable hardware acceleration in Discord2.5 Rescale her display2.6 Reinstall Discord

Why is Discord overlay not functioning in games?

Basically, the Discord overlay attribute only works with gamings that the been specifically designed for. Several of these games include Minecraft, Fortnite, CS:GO, WoW and also DOTA 2. And some gamings actually don’t assistance this feature. So first, make certain your video game supports the Discord Overlay feature.Again there is a opportunity security software, such as antivirus might flag the Discord or its overlay attribute as suspicious. Or third-party software conflict may bring about the issue.
The reason behind Discord Overlay no Showing is a minor an insect that you can conveniently fix. So if your Discord overlay isn’t working after pressing transition + F1, use the solutions detailed below to solve the problem.Close every the games and also applications and also reboot your PC. Doing for this reason can aid to fix many minor gaming issues.Third-party defense software favor Antiviruses might flag the Discord or that is overlay attribute as suspicious and they could be prevent it, let’s Disable the Antivirus software and also check if this helps resolve the issue.

Turn ~ above the overlay alternative for her game

The Discord overlay can not it is in working since the alternative isn’t rotate on for her game. Let’s an initial check and make sure the in-game overlay is permitted in Discord.
Launch discord, and also click the gear icon at the bottom to open up the User Settings.From the app Settings section, select the Overlay in the left panelmake sure you turned on the toggle next to allow in-game overlay.
Go come the games in the left panel, and In the Game task section, make sure that you have turned top top the In-game Overlay feature for the gamings you want to play.Well, If you check out the alternative turned off, click the monitor button next come the game, and also it will rotate on.

If the game you’re playing is no on the list, you need to add your gamings to the Discord application by clicking it.Now begin your video game again and also press change + F1 an essential to see if the Discord overlay works.

Change the Discord overlay Hotkey

Again dispute hotkeys are sometimes the factor for facing the Discord overlay no working issue. Stop Assign the new hotkey to allow the Discord Overlay.Open the User settings on the Discord app,select the Overlay option on the left, below alongside the allow In-game Overlay Option, girlfriend will uncover the choice to entrust the hotkeyAssign the new hotkey for example, change + F10 and also Save the settingsNow operation your game and press the recently assigned hotkey (Shift + F10) to start Discord Overlay while play the game

Run Discord as Administrator

If girlfriend didn’t provide administrator privileges to the Discord app to create and display one in-game overlay, the might cause the Discord overlay choice not showing problem. Let’s operation Discord together administrator and also check if the trouble is solved.Right-click the shortcut of Discord ~ above your desktop computer and choose run together administrator.Or Right-click the shortcut of Discord on your desktop computer and select Properties.Here in the pop-up window, move to the Compatibility tab and also check the option Run this regime as one administrator.Click apply and also ok, now open Discord and also rerun your video game to check out if the overlay is working.

Disable hardware acceleration in Discord

The Hardware Acceleration feature in Discord supplies GPU and also sound map to do Discord run smoothly, however sometimes the might reason the Discord Overlay no to work-related by interrupting with it. Let’s disable hardware acceleration in Discord to examine if this helps fix the problem.Launch the Discord App and open User setups by click the equipment icon in ~ the bottomFrom the app settings section select the illustration option.Here you will find the Hardware Acceleration toggle,Toggle off Hardware Acceleration if the is rotate onRelaunch your game and also check if the Discord overlay functions now.

Rescale her display

Next, make certain the display screen scale is set to 100%, some users have actually experienced this trouble “Discord overlay not working” when their screen is not set to the recommended range of 100%. If you have the monitor setup a custom scale of 125% or 150%, you need to try setting this come 100%. To do thisPress Windows vital + ns to open the setups app,Click ~ above the system then Display,Here Look for Scale and layout and make certain your display is collection to 100% (Recommended).Rerun your game to check out if the concern still exists.

Reinstall Discord

If nobody of the solutions assist to deal with the discord overlay not functioning problem, then there might be miscellaneous wrong with the Discord App. We recommend reinstall the Discord application with the latest variation that more than likely help.Press Windows vital + R, type appwiz.cpl and also click ok,This will open programs and also features window,Locate discord, right-click then choose uninstall and follow on-screen accuse to eliminate the app from your PC.Reboot your pc for the changes to take it effect.

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Now Visit Discord official website and also download the latest variation of the Discord application for windows PC,Run the setup.exe and also follow on-screen accuse to install Discord on your PC,Once done, open Discord. Then operation your video game and add it to your Discord.Enable the Discord overlay feature for your game.Check to see if her in-game overlay is working now.Here a video shows the steps to solve the Discord Overlay not Showing or Working worry on windows 10.Also readSolved: Discord grounding on Connecting to voice channel or sending messages.How to Move steam games to one more drive without re-downloading How To make Your computer Faster and also Speed increase Your home windows 10 PC Solved: Unidentified network no internet accessibility windows 10, 8.1 and also 7Solved: Can’t publish documents, press Driver is unavailable in windows 10