Students can explore what equal parts are and how they can be made with these pages. This set includes 2 pages. On the first sheet, students will cut out the shapes and can fold the shapes to see if they can make equal parts. This is a great activity because students can see first hand by folding th

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When I introduce fractions to my students, we always begin by identifying the difference between equal and unequal parts. The following pages provide pieces for an anchor chart showing the difference between equal and unequal parts. I pass a piece out to each student and have them sort within their
Naming fractional units and partitioning shapes is the very first step in teaching fractions! This hand-out practices just those skills. Students will name fractional unit based on the number of parts (whole, half, third, fourth, sixth, and eighth) and then partition both a circle and rectangle into

Students will color the shapes based on which category they fall into. Color the shapes showing 1 whole blue.Color the shapes showing 2 equal pieces, or halves, yellow.Color the shapes showing 4 equal parts, or fourths, green.
Here is a freebie printable worksheet for practicing the concept of equal parts, It's a cut and paste and colour activity. Have students cut out the shapes (they can also cut along the lines dividing the shapes if they like, or just colour them different colours) then paste them into the correct c
This is a PPT file that is a combination of 2 files I created. 2-d shapes set to the tune of common kids songs, complete with audio files, and 3-d shape chants. These chants and songs are simple to learn but teach the required descriptive vocabulary of vertex,vertices, straight sides, curved sid
Track progress for 101 essential skills needed for students to be successful in school: fine motor, color ID, coloring, counting, circles, reading, writing; 2-D and 3-D shapes identification, matching, building, following directions, and much more. 101 Essential Skills BUNDLE: Fine Motor, Colors, Sh
Logic Worksheet FREEBIE!This logic pack Freebie is a preview lesson of the preschool logic fun printables that include:-Matching Shapes-Missing Parts-Motor Coordination-Coloring ShapesIf you liked this one, be sure to check out the full version with 20 lessons of the Preschool Logic Fun Print
When the farmer’s mule fell into the well, he had to think fast to find a way out. He learned to keep on trying, no matter what. It is a tale of perseverance.Children’s hearts will be warmed by this beautiful tale. Vivid language will promote vocabulary development. Listening to this tale will h
First Grade Fractions starts with partitioning shapes into halves and fourths with equal parts. This Free Hands on Partitioning activity will help your first graders learn this important skill. Your students will have hands on partition practice with:SquareRectangleTriangleThey will partition thes
Meets 3rd grade CCSS.Math.Content.3.G.A.2 standard.Partition shapes into parts with equal area.This PowerPoint breaks down this concept with a detailed explanation of two ways it can be approached. Then the PP breaks down examples and provides students with problems they can do to practice. (Answe
Common Core Aligned! Students partition squares into 4 equal parts. They then write the names of the new shapes formed. A great way to get kids thinking about shapes!
Objective:Today we will determine whether a shape has been divided into equal or unequal parts and identify halves, thirds, and fourths
In this Aesop’s Fable, silly Goat jumped into the well to join cunning Fox, but when Fox used Goat’s back and horns to leap out, Goat was left behind. Goat learned ”Look before you leap!” A good lesson in impulsivity - think before you act!Hearts will be warmed by the calm and cheerful reading of
This lesson is a great introduction to dividing shapes into equal parts! The hands on approach is perfect for young learners and is so engaging for kids!Visit my Facebook page for more freebies and give aways! All new products are FREE or 50% OFF for 48 Hours! Click the green star to get updates
A handout to practice divergent thinking skills by splitting squares into 4 equal identical parts. I use this as a starting exercise to talk about going beyond obvious solutions to problems (as this particular problem has infinite solutions). We then choose one of the solutions to create a drawing
In this deck students will look at an image of a shape broken up into equal parts. They will fill in the blank to determine the number of equal parts the shape is broken up into. Number of equal parts ranges from 2-12.Click here to PREVIEW the first 4 Boom Cards™How do I access my Boom Cards™?After
Use this quick check to assess students’ ability to partition solid shapes into benchmark fractions. Skills: Partitioning, Equal Parts, Benchmark Fractions Standards: 2.G.A.2; 3.NF.A.1Please leave feedback and follow to see items as they are added.
This product is a cut and paste sort. Students cut out various shapes and decide if they are cut into fourths, halves, or not equal parts.
Students solve fractions in many different ways. They will label them, divide shapes into equal parts, and solve fraction word problems! Students will also review comparing numbers using symbols.
Dress up your décor and make your documents dazzling with our Gradient Shapes and Borders!In this product you’ll find 10 high resolution PNG files ready for your personal AND commercial use. All files are made with transparent backgrounds, so inserting them into Word, PowerPoint or any other documen
This resource is perfect for introducing fractions. Students will cut, sort, and glue shapes into two categories: Equal Parts and Unequal Parts. Fractions are based upon the understanding that objects need to be split into equal parts. This activity is perfect practice!
Use this cut and paste sort to support your students ability to recognize shapes that are divided into equal parts and not equal parts. Great fraction activity to leave for a guest teacher.

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