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After getting to Driftwood, discuss with Lovrik, a personality lying close to the respond to of the black color Bull Inn (picture1). As soon as he asks you what girlfriend want, select “Tell him you choose something a small more…Exotic”, and manage to sway him. Lovrik will then ask friend the inquiry “Who room the best lovers in the world?”, choose the Lizards (picture2).

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Choice No.1 – Refuse Lovrik’s proposal:

Lovrik will propose to you to invest a good time through a lizard lying on the floor the the tavern. Refuse and also don’t provide him the 100 yellow coins (picture3). Friend will acquire 3,000 experience points (picture4).


Tip: you will have the ability to take regulate of a second person in her group and accept Lovrik’s proposal prior to gaining experience and choosing the 2nd option of this quest.

Choice No.2 – accept Lovrik’s proposal:

Lovrik will propose to spend a great time with a lizard lied on the floor the the tavern. Pick “Of course. Friend would choose to satisfy this person” and give that the 100 yellow coins (picture5). Take it the an essential and open up the door ~ above the top floor the the tavern (picture6).


Leave the personality alone in the room and also chat v Zharat close to the bed and also choose the following alternatives (picture7):


Choice No.1: death Zharat

Choice No.2: Refuse to spend a an excellent time

Choice No.3: having a great time

If you pick one the the an initial two choices, you will finish this mission and get 3,000 endure points (picture8). If not, you will wake up a few hours later alongside the Lizard.

You will meet men and understand conveniently enough the you have fallen into a trap. During this conversion, friend will have actually the choice between agreeing to provide your belongings or confront these adversaries (picture9). Note: If you manage Ifan ben-Mezd throughout this sequence, thieves will not hurt you.

Tip: If you select to assault thieves, choose the backpack plunder by the bed come retrieve your belongings (picture10). Moreover, by place the crucial of the suite in the list of one of your other companions, lock will have the ability to open the door and also come to help you.

After confronting or not thieves, girlfriend will have the ability to discuss again through the Lizard. If you pick not to kill her, you have the right to again invest a good time v this character and also get a bonus (picture11). Gain off at the ground floor of the black color Bull Inn and also chat again v Lovrik (picture12).

To complete this quest, girlfriend will have actually the an option between: death Lovrik or leave him alive. The final choice of this quest will not influence the sequel come Divinity II. If you decision to death him, you will get numerous gold coins top top his corpse (picture13).

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In bespeak to take it you through the feelings, Lovrik will certainly talk to you around his daughter. By going to view Wyvlia located in the kitchens, you will realize that Lovrik has actually no daughter, time because that him come flee (picture14). Note: You will not have the ability to discuss with Wyvlia if you have actually previously completed “The absent Magisters” quest.