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DIYPC Ranger-R4-R Black/Red USB 3.0 ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer instance with 3 x Red pan

A helpful yet stylish gaming case, the DIYPC Ranger-R4-R uses all attributes that DIY home builders value the most at a an excellent price point, consisting of roomy inner space, outstanding cooling capacity, advanced bottom-mounted PSU design, cable monitoring design and more. The stylish aesthetic architecture with highly arresting black/red shade makes a bolder statement almost everywhere you location the case. The built-in red LED pan emit very bright red light for an attractive inside look. Friend can plainly see the entire develop unrestricted through the huge transparent side panel window. Take it one residence today and build you yourself the \"coolest\" rig around.

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High-efficiency Cooling System

The DIYPC Ranger-R4-R situation supports increase to 4 red LED fans for optimum cooling performance. One 120mm fan is cleverly preinstalled top top the next panel. Two 120mm fans are an installed respectively ~ above the front and also rear panels.

Roomy Inner an are for pc Components

In addition to assistance for a Micro ATX or ATX motherboard, the DIYPC Zondda-B situation can accommodate graphics map of as much as 420 mm in length, and also CPU cooler of up to 158 mm in height. Increase to 7 PCI slots provide flexibility for multiple graphic cards solutions.

Flexible options for Storage

The DIYPC Ranger-R4-R case offers the perfect level that expandability friend desire. It functions multiple tough drive bays to support a full of four internal 3.5\" hard drives and also two 2.5\" SSDs because that a enormous storage potential. It\"s also furnished with two 5.25\" exterior drive bays come fit 5.25\" optical drives. The screw-less design for 5.25\" devices and also 3.5\" HDDs provides swapping cd driver a snap.

Extra Clever Features

The prior I/O panel uses one SuperSpeed USB3.0 ports for up-to-date high speed data transfer, 2 USB 2.0 port and also HD audio In/Out jacks.

The advanced bottom-mounted PSU design permits independent and optimized PSU cooling.

The cable management architecture helps control cables in your chassis to produce neat within look and enhanced, smooth airflow.

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The front panel dust-proof mesh style keeps your computer clean and protected from dust.

Aesthetic style with Black-Red Color

The modern-day aesthetic style with a very attractive black/red color scheme offers an out of the plain look that will certainly look an excellent anywhere. The red LED fans illuminate the totality system and create a stunning atmosphere. V the overlapping transparent next panel window, onlookers can plainly see the offal of the PC.