Aslan famously roars in ~ the ice cream Queen "Do not mention the Deep Magic to me, Witch! i was there once it was written."

So who wrote them? was there a negotiation process? due to the fact that some Deep Magic favours the Witch and can even bind Aslan. Is there a full list? Why are there in location to begin with?


The Emperor-beyond-the-Sea created the deep magic. There was no negotiation, as He rules everything, not just Narnia, however every world. The magic doesn't donate anyone, it simply is. His engine for placing it right into place are inscrutable, unknowable for people like us. Which is sort of the point. The smashing of the rock table to represent a failure of every little thing that Narnia was, all the old magic and also laws and everything being literally set in stone. Aslan's resurrection, wrecking the stone, was instantly followed through a joyous romp. This heralds the brand-new Narnia: Freedom, happiness, and life. You can say that the deep magic was created purely to cause that moment.

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Also notable: us literally watch the civilization of Narnia being brought into existence by Aslan in The Magician's Nephew, there is no a cite of any Deep Magic, implying that the Magic was written prior to Narnia chin existed. This is corroborated by the fact that over there is Deep Magic indigenous the Dawn that Time, and also Deeper Magic from prior to the Dawn that Time.

The only rules the the Magic that we understand of is that Jadis is licensed has been granted to kill any type of traitor (the Deep Magic), nevertheless of circumstances. This represents Jadis's position as the Satan the Narnia. The apocalypse would happen if she were denied she right. However, the depths Magic says that if she insurance claims a traitor, then rather punishes an innocent in the traitor's place, then the stone Table (where the Deep Magic is written) would certainly crack, and Death chin would work-related backwards, restoring the chaste to life.

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Aslan is mindful that Jadis (the White Witch's genuine name) was no present prior to the Dawn of Time (having arrived only when the civilization had already begun to be made in The Magician's Nephew) and also thus didn't know around the depth Magic. He offers himself in Edmund's place to be punished, and is revived to life. Because in Lewis's work, the Emperor is the same figure as the Abrahamic God, the Emperor is once again to teach the people His message: Aslan is Jesus, as Jadis is Satan. This is supposed to stand for the story that Moses and the Commandments (the stone Table), Jesus's temptation (Susan giving to aid Aslan work versus his fate), Jesus's resurrection (Death working backwards for Aslan), the new Covenant (Narnia there is no the stone Table), and Saul's redemption (Edmund coming to be a simply leader).