Suppose someone wants to usage an expression with a an in similar way light tone, however without the gender focus --given the panties and also knickers are by an interpretation women"s garments. What would certainly be a functionally equivalent expression there is no the single gender focus?

(Note, Is there a politer method of speak 'don't acquire you panties in a bunch'? contains the panties in a bunch but the meaning there is different.)


Many of you space misreading mine question. Ns am no asking because that an tantamount to "Don"t gain your panties in a bunch." i am asking for an indistinguishable to "I"m no going to obtain my panties in a bunch" -- which is completely different.

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Try this:

I"m no going to obtain all bent the end of shape.

No sex implied in ~ all, and also the definition is the very same (to gain upset to distraction around something).

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There"s nothing wrong v "... Get your knickers in a twist". It"s the idiomatic expression, and also it can be applied to anybody regardless of gender or underwear choice. They are, after all, only metaphorical knickers, no literal ones.

Replacing the noun in the expression will just make it seem together if you don"t recognize the idiomatic form. Every little thing gender-neutral crate it can tick, it would certainly fail to be good

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Out that sorts, don"t gain upset

You might say "don"t obtain upset", or "there"s no require to acquire out that sorts about it".

Note the "knickers in a twist" is a fairly rude phrase. Speak it straight to someone is constantly going to be yes, really "fanning the flames" - no calming the situation. You can"t convert a rude phrase like this into something polite without changing its really nature.

Non-rude choices are going to need to incorporate genuine treatment for the person and also be quiet or assisting the situation.

You may however, harmlessly use the phrase to talk around someone out of their earshot, like "my ceo really acquired his knickers in a twist about my lateness". But if the overheard you saying it - that would certainly be baaaad! Sooo. Bad.

Gender neutral

Note the in UK we usage the expression about females or men, still with "knickers".

Meaning, you can say, even of a male ‘he really got his knickers in a twist over that!’

Why? fine it"s even more funny!

Note: ns am not talking about ‘who is saying it’. I am talking around saying the phrase about either a guy or woman.

Postscript - what ‘knickers’ is yes, really about:

"knickers in a twist" is a means of saying "I perceive that something, under the surface, unseen, may be troubling you". You require therapist-level sensitivity, to have the ability to pull turn off saying the to somebody without enraging them.

Postscript - the ‘therapy speak’. An alternative to ‘knickers’:

Here’s exactly how to use an ext powerful language, in this kind of situation. Instead of ‘knickers’. This is the ‘therapy speak’ that ns refer to.

‘Oh!’ - pausing, developing a ‘moment’, with the person. Looking in ~ them. Maybe drawing them far from others and also towards you, by gently emotional their arm, looking them in the eye. Or simply pulling them come you with your concentrated presence. Developing a small world, a bubble, with just the 2 of you in it, for a moment.

Then say, quietly (so that others can not hear it):

‘Did something touch a nerve?’ Or‘Are you having a negative day?’ Or‘Can I help you with something?’ or‘Is over there something that I can do?’

They will certainly then either- blurt the end what happened- tell you the actual issue- obtain angry or defensive

They might tell friend ‘yes, dropped the cursed egg on mine tie this morning!’ Or, ‘I feeling so bloody frustrated about this report!’ Or ‘things simply haven’t to be the same since Mary left...’

They might tell you, or hint at a really painful problem, also maybe from their childhood.

All you require do, is listen them. You have the right to squeeze your arm, look castle in the eye, smile and also say:

‘I hear you’ or‘I understand’ or‘Oh, i see’. Or even, just‘Oh!’ as you host the moment and look in ~ them.Feeling and being existing to them, in that minute of empathy, is more important 보다 words.

See more: Tracy Smith Cbs Bikini - Tracy Smith (Journalist)

Then you’ll have uncovered out the real reason why ‘their knickers seem come ‘be in a twist’. Yet without ever before saying those words. You will do it know more of what they’re about. And you’ll have actually been able to assist them.

How to say the your knickers room not in a twist (in solution to the now re-written question):

I’m not going to lose my cool around itI’m not going to have actually a thrombie end itI’m no going to create to my therapist around itI’m no going to lose sleep over itI’m not going to spend sixty thousands dollars in therapy over itI’m not going to shed my rag end itI’m not going to litter a wobbly over itI’m not going to rant around itI’m no going to cry right into my hankieI’m no going come run home to mine MumI’m no going to tension over itI’m no going to require an extra 3 hours with mine therapist over itI’m no going come run about the room screaming about itI’m not going to have to do retail treatment over itI’m not going to require an underwear mediate on this

Optional personal therapy moment: