"Filthy Casual" is a term offered on post boards and in comments to negatively explain a gamer who just plays casual games<1>, or a game in any type of genre that calls for a short level of commitment and often has straightforward gameplay.

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The term originated on 4chan"s /v/ (video games) plank by hardcore gamers that view people who beat casual gamings in a an unfavorable light. The very first archived usage of the term<2> to be posted on respectable 30th, 2008 in a parody thread around how an average conversation plays out on the board.


By April 2009, the term had actually spread to various other boards on 4chan, including /m/ (Mecha)<3>, wherein a poster was dubbed a filthy casual for admitting that or she enjoyed the anime Toradora!.<4> transparent 2010, the phrase appeared on a handful of various other boards including /a/<5> (anime & manga) and /tg/<6> (traditional gaming). Also that year, "filthy casuals" was provided in commentary around people that play Facebook-based gamings on the Escapist forums<7> and also on a Destructoid community member"s blog.<8> In December 2011, the first tagged image macro depicting a stereotypically nerdy feather male v a inscription referencing filthy casuals was posted come Tumblr<9>


On April 10th, 2012, Josué Pereira the the webcomic Nerf Now!<11> posted a strip comparing the gaming behavior of filthy casuals vs. Self-proclaimed upstream gamers (shown below). That exact same day, it was reposted come the /r/Gaming<10> subreddit, where it accrued 505 upvotes, 363 points overall and 72 comments before being archived. In late 2012, referrals to these varieties of gamers to be made on the /r/Circlejerk<12> subreddit and World the Tanks gaming forum.<13> that November, the an initial Facebook fan page<14> dedicated to the phrase launched.

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On January 21st, 2013, a /r/FilthyCasuals<15> subreddit to be created, but has only had actually one submission as of may 2013. A mainly later, a second Facebook<16> fan web page was established. In early 2013, discussions and also image macros around these types of gamers have appeared on Gamespot<17>, We know Memes<18>, Tumblr<19> and FunnyJunk.<20>