Society may despise drinking and also driving, yet that doesn't mean that the ads attack it have to be humorless or macabre. This 13 public service announcements acquire the message across much better than the rest.

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A few notes: This is by no way a complete list, just the ads that have stuck in our memories the late. We've kept to publish work and physical installations here, largely due to the fact that that classification was the most basic to pare down. If we've missed one, drop it in the comments below.

NOTE: Drunk driving is serious business and also not to be taken lightly. several of these ads may poke fun at the notion of drunk people, but death is no laughing matter. If you're drinking, stay off the road. our lives, your life, and also the resides of those friend care about depend top top it.


Ambient advertising placed in public bathrooms by arrive Alive. This woman has actually a twin; she is slightly much less appealing and also looks like this.


(Yes, young lady, girlfriend have had too much. No, we will certainly not assist you up. Please avoid staring in ~ our shoes. No, no, no, you might not... Aw, come on! go you have to do the there? Really? That's just... Disgusting.)


Painted ~ above the parking lots of various American high schools prior to prom one year. Nothing like being direct, is there?


It's a coffee table; you're handicapped; it's a coffee table; you're handicapped. A little obtuse, a bit not. Yet clever.


A print ad developed for Russian bear (what's wrong with us that we've never ever heard of this stuff?) vodka and also placed in the bathrooms of bars in Europe. What shows up to be Cyrillic/Russian lettering transforms into Manly Russian Sober message in mirror. Da.

A Mothers versus Drunk Driving advertisement placed in toilet stalls.

A simple, and also surprisingly effective, European ad for Heineken. We can't aid thinking the it would have been an ext powerful without the \"When you drink...\" line, but it functions well enough as is.

As the image says, these damaged Christmas trees were produced by the europe Charter because that Traffic safety in combination with ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi and also the Romanian police. Ten thousand were distributed in the weeks before Christmas in gas stations across Romania.

Dude, you're doing that wrong. Developed for the brand-new Zealand Office of roadway Safety.

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A roadside surroundings in Israel excellent on behalf of the Yarok combination for more secure Driving. The party is 60 feet tall and made the 80 wrecked cars; that weighs 15 tons and also is exposed to over 1 million chauffeurs per day. Not initial — it's a take it on this Russian piece — but effective nonetheless.