Basketball Wives fans have actually seen many actors members come and go. Among the most notable to participate on the show for just one season is DJ Duffey. The DJ because that rapper French Montana fought tirelessly v Tami Roman throughout her time top top the show. In spite of such, it’s an additional former co-star that Duffey’s that she regrets feuding with.

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DJ Duffey top top ‘Basketball Wives’ LA season 5

Duffey joined the cast in season 5 and was presented as a close girlfriend of Brandi Maxiell. The two women referred to each various other as “sisters,” which caused problems between Maxiell and her longtime BFF Malaysia Pargo.

Despite she close partnership with Maxiell, she was not welcomed by the cast. They found Duffey to it is in annoying and also intrusive. She to be initially forming a friendship with Tami Roman and Roman request the DJ if she’d aid with her daughter’s laboratory career. Things between Duffey and Roman go south when Roman accused Duffey of being lackadaisical on she daughter’s music project.

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Roman and also Duffey virtually came come blows when on a actors trip come Portugal. Subsequently, Duffey to be sent home from the expedition early, resulting in confusion as to why she was selected come leave as she did not physically seek Roman.

By the season 5 reunion, Shaunie O’Neal made that clear that she walk not check out fit because that Duffey to return. Duffey quote the women’s require for drama and conflict as to why they did not take to her.

DJ Duffey regrets her beef with Angel Love during ‘Basketball Wives’

Ironically, Duffey does no regret her beef with Roman. She said The Jasmine Brand in a current interview that she wishes things in between her and also Love went much better during your inaugural season. The 2 bickered over Duffey’s criticism that Love working as a music video model.

“The one thing I remorse is the dispute I gained in v Angel Love, we were eating and also I to be like, “Maybe if you wasn’t doing music videos your man would put a ring on her finger,” Duffey recalls. “First of all, i’m so pro-women and I’m so pro “do what friend want and also be sexy and live her life” – i don’t judge and also I have actually friends from every walks that life.”

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Duffey describes the producers were no satisfied through the show and were demanding more drama in between the ladies so she choose to turn things up. “We had did the scene and also producers come in and said, ‘Y’all aren’t providing enough, this is not money.”

Being brand-new to the show and her desire to conserve her spot caused her to carry out things she says she wouldn’t usually do. “I allow the producers put a battery in me and also make me say the nasty ingredient to her and I didn’t really typical it.” Duffey states she apologized to Love later and explained that her actions was a way to do the display interesting.

DJ Duffey is no interested in returning to ‘Basketball Wives’ uneven they start a franchise in she hometown

Duffey has no plans of return to the VH1 reality series. She now lives in Dallas full-time and also is in the process of structure her dream home, i beg your pardon she claims is one mile from she parents’ home. Duffley is additionally in a loving relationship and recently invited her 2nd child, a daughter.

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She is open to participating in the series if she’s cast on the rumored Dallas franchise. In October 2019, it was reported that casting for Dallas began. O’Neal additionally now resides in Texas full-time, i beg your pardon be recorded on the upcoming 9th season.