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Officially licensed Dumb & Dumber tuxedoOrange fit jacket has single button closure in frontTuxedo pants have actually side pockets, back pockets, satin stripe under pants legShirt has actually ruffle front with black piping, buttons down the frontCoordinating cummerbund and bow tie included
SmallJacket Length31"79cm
SmallWaist34" - 38"86cm - 97cm
SmallPants Length42"107cm
MediumJacket Length32"81cm
MediumWaist35" - 39"89cm - 99cm
MediumPants Length43"109cm
LargeJacket Length33"84cm
LargeWaist36" - 40"91cm - 102cm
LargePants Length44"112cm
X-LargeJacket Length33"84cm
X-LargeWaist40" - 44"102cm - 112cm
X-LargePants Length44"112cm
2XJacket Length33"84cm
2XWaist44" - 48"112cm - 122cm
2XPants Length45"114cm

Black Tie, Smlack Smie!

Lloyd Christmas could not it is in the brightest pear in the bunch, however he does have a vibrant sense of style. And also that layout is finest showcased once he stumbles across a instance full that money and also he"s able come buy himself the finest suit he"s ever before seen. That heads turn off to the eye Owl advantage in a neon orange tuxedo v ruffles and top hat. No one of the various other fancy big wigs there could possibly out-do the exuberant Lloyd in his sophisticated threads.

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Although, offered Lloyd"s style, we"re quite sure none want to. But, let"s be honest... Those black-tie affairs room overdone. You want to was standing out. You have to have a particular confidence to pull turn off an orange suit favor this one. A certain, how do we say, do not be afraid self-assurance. A daring boldness. Aplomb. Since people will watch you in one orange tuxedo. Girlfriend will be noticed, therefore you better be prepared for every one of that attention, and you far better be ready to present off your colorful outfit. Details

You think you can handle every one of those civilization checking friend out? all of those eyes adhering to you? well then. You can totally have the complete Lloyd experience with this officially license is granted Dumb and also Dumber Lloyd Tuxedo. This is a glorious do by us look that was put together by ours team the in-house developers that can"t get enough of this classic comedy. It comes through an orange jacket, orange pants through pockets and also satin stripes under the leg, an orange ruffle-front button-down shirt, a cummerbund, and also a bow tie. You"ll be ready for any fancy-schmancy occasion in the snowy city the Aspen. Maybe even a date. That knows?

Orange is the brand-new Black?

We think the we"ve heard the line before, but who have the right to remember wherein it come from as soon as you"re looking in ~ this gloriously gleaming neon orange tuxedo native everyone"s favourite dumb-buddy movie?

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