ROCKFORD,Michigan.–Wednesday, the City the Rockford announced that water testing indicated the existence of E.Coli, after ~ an equipment malfunction at the therapy plant end the vacation weekend. The city authorize a BoilWater Advisory because that customers that the Rockford Water System. The Kent County health and wellness Department is workingwith the city to make sure citizens know what they can do to safeguard themselves and also their love ones duringthe advisory period.

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Frequently asked Questions:

I do food in between Friday, august 30 and the time ns became aware of this advisory. I offered tapwater to clean or prepare the food. Can I eat it? No. The Kent County wellness Departmentrecommends throw the food away, together it may be contaminated.

Are my drink glasses, dishes, and eating utensils safe come use? It depends on how they werecleaned. Dishwashers and hand washing rarely generate water that is hot sufficient to kill E. Coli. TheKent County health and wellness Department proposal rewashing any kind of dishes with water that has been boiled forat least one minute, then cooled down, or bottled water. Execute not use dishwashers till the advisory islifted. Food preparation and also dining areas, such together countertops and also tables, should be cleaned withdisinfectant and/or boiled or bottled water.

My refrigerator has a water filter and also ice maker. Is this water for sure to use? No. Water filter can’tremove E.coli indigenous tap water. Do not use any kind of ice that your refrigerator has actually made in the last week.Once the advisory is lifted, make sure you permit the line to her ice device to do the washing up (followingmanufacturer’s instructions), and also throw out the an initial batch of ice it makes.

Can ns wash my clothes? Yes. To wash them in hot water and also dry them on the highest setup available.

How have the right to I wash baby/kids toys? Infants and also children often tend to put toys in their mouths. Be sure towash any type of of these items v soap and bottled or boiled water.

My residence is in the Rockford area, yet I live ~ above a fine or pay my water bill to anothermunicipality. Walk this advisory impact me? No. Just customers of Rockford City Water areimpacted.

Can ns shower? Yes, yet there space a couple of concerns: open Sores: you should not shower if you have open sores. The Kent county HealthDepartment recommends taking a sponge bathtub instead. Do not use contaminated water toclean open sores.Infants and small Children: parents should provide sponge baths and also stay v the boy at alltimes. Make certain the boy does not gain water in his or her mouth.Following a bath or shower, you should wash your hands through soap and bottled water or water the hasbeen boiled then cooled down. Follow that up through hand sanitizer.

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Can I give my pet water? Domesticated pets have a continuous immune system, but can acquire sick fromcontaminated water. The Kent County health and wellness Department argues boiling water, then cooling it, beforeproviding the to her pets.