For every one of Us who Still Cherish the Hymns We"ve Sung all Our Lives... An sometimes Thought based upon a Fragment the a an excellent Hymn Text.Read, Enjoy, Share, Respond.

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"Despair" by fine artist Gill Kaye
"Earth has actually no sorrow the heaven cannot heal." Hymn: “Come, Ye Disconsolate” – thomas Moore (1779-1852)Typical Tune: CONSOLATIONHardly anyone sings this hymn no longer in worship. I intend it is too lot of a downer. It will not allow us come escape the depth to which that moves us – we that are beyond consoling. That’s also bad, due to the fact that on my disconsolate days, this hymn-line is one come which i turn due to the fact that it is together true as any scripture I could seek out.The dictionary meaning of sore is: a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune endured by oneself or others.There space times when I endure this type of sorrow. Ns won’t make a list here, but you probably just made a psychological list of her own. You might have also been overwhelmed by part sorrow during the last few days… maybe also the past few minutes.Interestingly, among the synonyms because that sorrow is regret. Hmmm. Now, isn’t the interesting. Ns think I’ve constantly tied this message to those earthly disappointments available in that dictionary definition. However if I know that there space no regrets – nothing from my past, however sinful it may have actually been or may seem to me – no regrets the heaven cannot heal. Oh, my! Isn’t that freeing?!The various other stanzas finish with comparable phrases: planet has no sorrow the heav’n can not cure, and also Earth has no sorrow but heav’n have the right to remove. This is an effective stuff we’re managing here, folks. If this phrases room true – and also I believe they space – climate after having meditated on these hymn-lines, we should have a better attitude about our life!If the great God that heaven deserve to heal, cure and remove my sorrows – also my regrets – then must I no be ecstatic in mine appreciation… in my thanksgiving.Most of us have trouble agree forgiveness – native other human beings and/or indigenous God himself.

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Yet let’s perform a far better job of being receptive the the healing, curing removed of our transgressional sorrows.I dislike it as soon as I’m in the middle of something which is a crisis for me, and also someone says, “Oh, just get over it.” the is one un-kind statement… and probably one un-Christ-like response. Instead of gaining over it, perhaps we require to offer it over – give it over to heaven and also the One that sits upon the throne thereof!RSVP: Regrets only No RegretsAn arrangement of this singing by Terre Johnson (from HBU)

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