Ed Westwick is a british actor, who became famous in America in 2007 for his breakout function as Chuck base in “Gossip Girl,’ the screen adaptation of the brand-new York times best-selling novel collection of the very same name by Cecily von Ziegesar. His portrayal of a young billionaire enjoy it a depraved and also amoral lifestyle among the privileged and also elite course in Manhattan’s Upper east Side, won him the an option TV rogue award in ~ the Teen choice Awards for two consecutive years. He to be in world Magazine’s list of Sexiest guys Alive in 2008, and GQ Magazine’s guys of the Year together Breakthrough Talent in 2010.

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Edward Jack Peter Westwick hailed from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, and is the youngest that three children of Peter Westwick, a university professor, and Carole Blenkiron, an education psychologist. His exhilaration debut was in a minor function in the 2006 british crime-drama movie, “Breaking and Entering,” complied with by small roles in a few TV series and movies.

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EdWestwick) April 8, 2021

He said work-related was scarce in the UK, therefore he stayed in Los Angeles because that a month in 2007 to audition, and was actors for the duty that adjusted his life. He to be 19 at that time.

The success the The CW teen drama collection which lasted 6 seasons, paved the way for an ext acting opportunities for Ed, although lock were no as well-received together his debut series in the US. Many notable among his works encompass the 2011 biopic “J. Edgar,” directed and produced by Clint Eastwood, in i beg your pardon he played the duty of Hoover’s biographer called Agent Smith. He also lent his voice together co-narrator of Cassandra Clare’s “City of please Angels”, and also “Clockwork Prince” audiobook versions.


1 Who has Ed Westwick dated?

Who has actually Ed Westwick dated?

His “Gossip Girl” character had become so renowned that he was called by the name in the street, and for a time human being even dressed-up together him on Halloweens. Needless to say, human being were likewise curious if Ed was a playboy in genuine life as Chuck was in the series, and also if he’s right or gay.

On his sexuality

Rumors the Ed being gay, and also having a secret romance through the American actor, Chace Crawford, persisted for a time. Chace to be Ed’s co-star in the “Gossip Girl” series, and he depicted the function of Nate Archibald, a friend of lining from the exact same elite school and was romantically involved with society’s “it girls” Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester). The two had been life at the exact same apartment in Chelsea top top the West side of Manhattan in new York City because 2007, and this might be what had world speculating on Ed’s true sexuality.

Ed and also Chace attend the display by the indie-pop duo called The Ting Tings in so late July 2008, and also were said to be never ever a foot apart together they ignored the girls flirting through them, and also were only interested in each other. Rumors that the 2 actors having actually a kissing step on the collection were paris around, and it was picked increase by well-known blogger Perez Hilton. However, this much talked about scene was with another actor.

For some fans, the lines in between Ed and his “Gossip Girl” personality who had flings and flirtations with men and women had actually been blurred.

In an interview that same year, Ed collection the record straight saying, ‘it’s not true, yet hilarious’ and also that the was simply a case of human being projecting their fantasies onto various other people. They were both so into women that they uncovered the rumors ridiculous. Ed had this come say about Chace though, ‘I love this fucking dude dearly. I would certainly die for this fucking dude. He is my brother.’

Practicality to be what make them live together, with Ed being brand-new in brand-new York, and not discovering if the present would last. They obtained along fine, for this reason no one assumed of moving out at first, also if the series became a hit, until Chace determined to rent a penthouse apartment in July 2009. Reportedly, the reason for his adjust of address was that Ed was a slob, and also he couldn’t take it anymore.

Ed Westwick and Haley Freedman

Other women came forward with allegations of unwanted emotional by Ed, yet they were external the statute of constraints according come the prosecutor.

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Tamara Francesconi

Ed asked the south African version Tamara the end for a date via Instagram’s straight message, and also when she stated yes, the took her to a butterfly sanctuary in Mayfair in October 2019, then invested the entirety day experimenting London. Castle were first seen together in public having lunch with his mother at Mel’s Diner in West Hollywood the month. They have actually been together because then, and also spent lots of time travel to the Maldives, Papas beach in Ios Island in Greece, and also the Amalfi coastline in Italy. If they were in Lake Como in Italy in respectable 2020, the joked roughly as he pretended to suggest to Tamara, together they were waiting for his mother to join them. His family and also friends think the they’re a an excellent match also with a 10-year period gap between them. Months after they celebrated their anniversary, Ed met her family members in south Africa.

So, organize your breath because that the next installment of Ed Westland’s romantic exploits, hopefully not as controversial as few of his previous liaisons!