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Bishop Eddie Long cause of Death: how Did the Megachurch pastor Die?

2. She virtually Divorced lengthy After He to be Accused of do the efforts to have Sexual relationship Young Boys

In 2010, Maurice Robinson, Anthony Flagg and also Jamal Parris accused long of sexually abusing them together teenagers. Long denied this allegations, however in December 2011, Vanessa filed because that divorce. According to CBS46, Vanessa stated in a statement the she filed for divorce top top December 1, 2011, claiming that their marital relationship was “irretrievably broken” and also there to be “no expect of reconciliation.”

Vanessa’s statement on the divorce read:

“After a great deal the deliberation and also prayer, ns have chose to end my marriage to Bishop Eddie L. Long. Accordingly, i authorized my attorneys to file for divorce on December 1, 2011.

“It is mine sincere hope that this matter have the right to be resolved expeditiously, harmoniously, and also fairly. I ask the you respect mine privacy and also that of mine family, together my attorneys and also I have actually agreed the we will not shot this instance in the media, and I carry out not intend to make any kind of further statements concerning this matter.

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“I also ask that the public pray because that my entire family throughout this daunting period the transition.

“Thank you, and also may God proceed to bless and also keep every of you.”

But later on that month, Vanessa and also her lawyers released contradictory statements. At first, she said that she withdrew her petition for divorce, yet then her lawyer stated that she “determined that dismissal of her divorce petition is not appropriate at this time.”

However, through September 2012, she decided versus divorcing and remained married to lengthy until his death.

Flagg, Parris, Robinson and Spencer LeGrande accused lengthy of making use of his influence and buying them gifts to coerce castle into having actually a sexual relationship with them. Lengthy denied the charges, but worked out out that court. The settlements were not publicly disclosed.

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3. She traction the Divorce to help Others ‘Going v a Storm’

In respectable 2012, Vanessa explained to the heart to love women’s set why she had actually not divorced she husband, reports the Christian Post. “I remained in the center of a storm, and I got off the ship,” she claimed of her decision to pursue a divorce at first.

When Long lastly spoke out about the divorce that didn’t happen, she suggested that by not getting it, she can assist others dealing with situations in their lives.

“I realized that the best thing I might do to be to let you watch me together a woman, similar to you. A woman capable of making great decisions and also a woman capable of making bad decisions,” she explained. “Instead that condemning myself, I deserve to use what occurred as an chance to minister myself to someone rather going v a storm.”

According to the over video, created in 1995, Vanessa to be a indigenous of Columbus, Georgia and also graduated native Carver High School. She was additionally crowned miss out on Carver High and was explained as a quiet student that made her existence known. After high school, she to visit Morris Brown university in Atlanta and got a B.S. In Office Management. Her first job after university was with the federal government. A shared friend introduced her to Long.


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4. She to be By Long’s Side when He Announced He was Healed in October 2016

Recently, lengthy looked thin and there to be speculation that he to be ill, notes the Atlanta newspaper Constitution. He never ever talked about his illness.

However, in October 2016, that told the church that god has healed him, as checked out in the video above. Vanessa to be by his side once he made that announcement. That then had actually a healing organization to assist those in the congregation also suffering from pain.

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5. Lengthy & Vanessa had actually 3 youngsters Together

Vanessa and also Long had three children together – young Eric and also Jared and daughter Taylor. Long additionally had a kid with his an initial wife, Dabara S. Houston, named Edward.

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In 2012, praise 94.5 provided that Edward long recorded a song referred to as “Da Dirty Bird” together a dance for Atlanta Falcons fans. Edward Long proceeds to execute under the name ED.

Taylor lengthy posted the following image with her dad on Instagram. “I love girlfriend Dad,” she composed in the caption. “Thank you because that being perfect. I cherish every minute i’ve shared w/ you even up to your last breath. Ns don’t reprimand God because that wanting you back, i would too. Whatever i do is for you, it’s to be my respect to be your daughter. Thank you because that being the greatest example of a wonderful dad & husband. Girlfriend kicked cancers ass! job Well excellent my angel.”