In a brand-new profile that Kelly, Elle writes the Fox anchor “is haunted by death and mortality; she credits it through pushing she forward v the advice to wring whatever out of the moment she has.”

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The host of “The Kelly File,” told the magazine: “It to be nothing expected — not like he had actually been sick. He was fine. And also then, 10 days before Christmas, he passed away of a heart attack in our house. Ns mean, the Christmas tree to be there and everything.”

She added, “I remember he was loving and smart and also funny, and always kind. Never had actually a temper — never. I remember that coming house from work and scooping me up and also saying, ‘Hiya, Tiger’ every night.”

The post states the Kelly’s mother, Linda, has been her “greatest influence.”

Hours after she father died, Kelly asked her mother, “Will you ever before be happy again?”

Linda, 44 in ~ the time, knew their stays were forever changed. Yet she soothed she daughter, saying, “Of course i will, honey. And you will too.”


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