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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Old:
-Nora remembers Ricardo’s insinuations around her mother.-Sara speak Alfredo come speak come Ric if he wants to learn much more about Rebeca.-Marcelo and Lucia catch each other up ~ above Vinicio’s and Daniela’s shenanigans.-Nora goes to Ric’s ar to find out an ext about her mama, and freaks out whenRic implies her mom is a murderer. She smashes the alcohol glass in his handwith her purse, and also Ric gets a shard to the jugular. He pulls the shard fromhis neck and swiftly starts to bleed out. With his last bit of strength, hegrabs on to Nora, leaving bloody streaks under the front of her grey silk dress,before the drops dead to the hardwood floor.

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Nora screams, and also then runs to the door, forgetting herpurse as she does. Alfredo is just around to punch on Ricardo’s door, as soon as ablood-soaked Nora opens up the door. Alfie is horrified by she state and also asks whatshe’s law there, however Nora is shaking prefer a leaf, quiet in shock. “I didn’t execute anything! i didn’t doanything! i swear!”
Rebeca meets with Amador and tells him she doesn’t favor thepolice poking about through their records (especially the ones they illegallychanged to structure Marcelo). She additionally doesn’t like that one employee that the fábricais connected in the murder of someone an extremely beloved come the employees and town. Remembering how Amador tried come intercede in Vini’s firing, and that Alonso told herthat Nazario suspected Amador of gift behind Trini’s murder, she definitelyknows Amador is as much as his eyeballs in this mess. “I don’t like working with a murderer, lot less having the policedigging v fábrica business.” Amador assures her he’s got it every undercontrol, however he’s sweating bullets.
As she leaves her secret meeting v Amador, Rebeca gets anurgent call from Alfie. “I require you tocome to Ric’s apartment immediately. It’s about your daughter. She in bigtrouble!” Rebeca do the efforts to speak to Nora and gets no answer. She phone call the housephone and also gets Lucia, that hasn’t viewed Nora either. Her automobile is gone.
Leticia has actually turned in early and also is crying in bed. She speak Sara it’sbecause her father is leave Puebla because that a project in Guadalajara. She can not helpbut feel sad. That’s your papa-- a rolling stone! “I feel like I’m never ever going to check out him again.” Sara tells she thatif they desire to check out each other, castle will.“Yes, Ricardo is a lout, but you’ve regulated to lug out the finest in him…I’msure you’ll check out him again, sooner 보다 you think.”

“I don’t understand what taken place here, but your daughter is in no conditionto give a statement.” He tells Rebeca exactly how he found Nora spanned in blood atthe door. “My daughter couldn’t have actually donethis.” Well, she was the only one here, Alfie points out. He to be waitingfor Rebeca before calling the police. Rebeca begs him not to, then goes intothe bedroom to see Nora. “I’m below mylove. Everything’s going to be ok.” Nora is crying and shaking uncontrollably.Rebeca starts to walk her out of the apartment and also Alfie wonders whereby she’s takingher? “Things don’t work-related this way!”Rebeca states she’ll take treatment of everything, and she’ll speak to him tomorrow. Alfiegoes earlier into the apartment, watch Nora’s purse, and also takes it v him beforeleaving.
Magdalena serves Mario dinner as she tells him around theVinicio affair—she wants him come make certain Vini rots because that his crimes. He’s lostin thought and also tells her he’s thinking around the medical tests he’s takingtomorrow (the fertility test). The lies that it’s simply a program check-up.
Marcelo and Nazario placed Trini’s bird to bed, together Marcelosays he’s checking in v his investigator tomorrow around the contract Amadorpushed through. Naz intends come go back to job-related tomorrow, because he wants tosee Amador’s challenge as the Vinicio crap access time the fan. He’s determined to fightAmador, Rebeca, and also even Nora if she jumps right into the fray. Marcelo’s not lumpingNora with the other two due to the fact that he regularly feels sorry for her. Naz agrees.
Rebeca tries to sneak bloody Nora into the residence withoutbeing seen. Lucia comes out of the office, and also becomes alarmed once Nora won’tturn to confront her or answer her questions around how she is. Rebeca barks thatNora is fine, and also hustles her up the stairs prior to Lucia deserve to see the bloodstains.

Rebeca bring away Nora to she (Rebeca’s) room, and also tells she shell-shockeddaughter that she needs to take a bath. Nora neither claims anything, no one moves.Rebeca has to undress her and also guide she to the shower. She continues toreassure Nora that every little thing will it is in ok, while plainly not believing itherself. She puts Nora under the water, and then leaves her daughter there tosob alone, if she gets rid of the bloody evidence.
Alfie returns to the Puebla apartment searching for Daniela,but doesn’t uncover her in her room. The calls her and she notifies him that she’salready back in Mexico City. She got tired of wait for him. He says he’s notsure once he’ll be able to return. Dani’s over it. “Do everything the hell girlfriend want, papa!”
Rebeca stuffs Nora’s bloody silk dress in a trash bag meantfor pipeline in the external bins. I really nothing think that’s what they median by “organic.”

The next morning, Milagros is over she hangover and earlier to she usual bitchyself. Rafaela marvels if she’s no worried around Aida Lugo looking increase Marcelo,or Marcelo looking for her. Mili is details that Marcelo is too captured up inhis very own drama (i.e. Lucia), together usual, to give a damn about anything else.
Meanwhile, Marcelo meets with the personal detective. The hasn’tyet gotten the information on Provedora de Centro, however he’s close. And what around the woman i asked you tofind? He has actually pictures that a couple of Aida Lugos that he found. Marcelo walk througha few of the pics, and also bingo! He find THE Aida Lugo. Her call info is onthe back of the photo.
Lucia bring juice to Tere in her room, and also is not happy tofind Tere has gained out that bed. “Howstubborn!” Tere has disobeyed Lucia’s order come rest, and is back inuniform, working, acquisition out the rubbish bins to the curb. She’s still obviouslyshaken and also out the sorts, and also she fall the necessary trash bin ~ above the walkway.The leaves Rebeca shook out of the bag fall out and also Tere struggles to stuffthem ago in the bin. Lucia comes out and helps Tere, opened up the nearlyempty trash bag to help the process. Tere find the blood-stained dress andidentifies it as Nora’s. Lucia is visibly shaken, and goes inside with the dressto uncover out what’s going on. She ideologies Rebeca, reflects her the dress, anddemands to understand what’s going on. She’llasks Nora herself, if Rebeca i will not ~ answer. Rebeca restrains her from entering the room,and tells Lucia the the blood to be the result of Nora slitting she wrists as soon as again.And the factor she did it, is Lucia getting back together v Marcelo! She forbidsLucia from entering, and also says the doctor gave Nora a tranquilizer. Lucia can’thold ago tears, reasoning of what her tiny sister tried to do.
Nora wakes simply as Rebeca enters the room again. She begsRebeca to tell her it was every a negative dream. Rebeca desires to understand why she to be inRic’s apartment. She tells her mother how Dani and also Ric stated stuff about Rebeca,and she saw get more details indigenous Ric. And when he began to to speak horriblethings around Rebeca, she struggle him v her purse. “There to be so lot blood! So lot blood! no one will believe it to be anaccident. They’ll put me in jail! Daniela’s father saw me! hell tell thepolice!” Rebeca assures her she’ll make certain that doesn’t happen. She tellsNora the they have to make she sister believe she tried come commit suicide. Shemust not leave the room! Rebeca leaves a barely to work Nora shower in herpjs.
Downstairs, Lucia prepares to take it Nora a tray that juice andfood. Tere stops she to ask around the bloody dress, and also Lucia tells she of thesuicide attempt and asks for Tere’s discretion. Then Lucia asks Tere come takeNora the tray, because Nora doesn’t desire to check out her, and also she would likely justworsen Nora’s emotional/mental state.
Ric’s landlady move quick. She’s currently showing a youngcouple the place, assuming that Ric moved out critical night as agreed. Sheliterally stumbles end Ric’s body. Much screaming ensues. Guess: v she doesn’thave to offer him back that security deposit…
Nazario is welcomed ago by Lalo and a few of the employees.They comment on Vini—no news however on his whereabouts from the police. Amadorsarcastically welcomes Naz back, from throughout the courtyard, and also heaps part morebad karma on himself by hypocritically saying he wishes the police quickly catchhis wife’s murderer, Vini. Naz go too, since he’s sure when Vini’s caught,he’ll have a LOT come say. Amador nods, plasters a tight smile on his face, andtries not to hyperventilate together he to walk away.
Commander Juarez and also Detective Ramos discuss the Vini case.Looks prefer he’s ditched his cabinet phone, so they can’t track him the way. Asthey look v the small mountain of paperwork, Ramos notes that whileAmador insurance claims he had actually no connection to Vini, he’s provided as Vini’s referencein his work application. A clerk comes up and tells the detectives that a ladyjust called about a dead body uncovered in an apartment-- Ricardo Marquez. “The very same one we know?” Juarez find itsuspicious the yet another person associated to Amador Zúñiga is dead. They’lltake top top this situation too.
Lucia speak Marcelo around Nora’s bloody dress, her an alleged suicideattempt, and that she feeling impotent and guilty. Marcelo make the efforts to convince hernot to feel guilty around all the stunner crap her sister does. Lucia is terrifiedthat one day one of her suicide attempts will certainly be successful. Marcelo urges herto speak come Roman. Lucia says he’s no longer treating Nora…for many reasons. It’sthe only solution Marcelo have the right to think of, yet he’s for sure not going to let Nora’scraziness gain in the method of your plans. Is Lucia? Lucia tearfully asks him ifhe would have done noþeles it took to protect against Federico indigenous committingsuicide. Marcelo has to admit that would have done anything. But then that getshuffy and also asks Lucia if she willing to sacrifice herself and him, simply tokeep Nora calm? Lucia doesn’t want to carry out that, however she feels choose she has noother option. “I just want Nora to belike she was before. A woman with numerous moods swings, sure. But, normal.”Marcelo reminds her that that’s not approximately her, or Rebeca, or anyone. “It’s totally dependent on she (Nora).”
Nora is tho in bed, together Rebeca make the efforts to convince her toeat. She reminds Nora to not take off the bandages on she wrists. Nora thinksthat sooner or later on they’ll number out she’s lying (about the self-destruction attempt).Rebeca assures her the won’t happen. Plus, she currently has old scars there(from her actual self-destruction attempt). “Mama,I’m no a murderer. I swear it was an accident.” Rebeca hugs her brokenbaby bird, and also tells her, “I know.Sometimes things occur that we don’t want to happen. There is no wanting to, youend up hurting someone.” Rebeca tells Nora she has to leave she alone because that awhile, come go obtain Nora’s car that’s parked external of Ric’s house. “Where are your automobile keys?” Nora hopsout of bed and starts come freak out as she realizes the her keys are in herpurse, which is in Ric’s apartment! “Howare girlfriend going to obtain my purse the end of there?!” Rebeca will get Nora’s sparecar key, and also find a way to take care of the rest. She leaves a panicking Noracrouched top top the floor.
As she leaves, Rebeca offers Tere assignment to no disturbNora, nor to let anyone else into the room. She climate gets a speak to from a veryagitated Alfie, demanding to understand if she called the police as she promised shewould. “Nope. Not yet. I need much more time.”Click!
Mili and also Dani have actually tea in Dani’s house. Lucia, Lucia, Lucia!Bitch and also whine. Whine and bitch. Mili tells Dani that if she obtained Marcelo backwith emotional blackmail before, she can make the ploy work for she again, thistime v something the will have Marcelo shower in his boots!
Rebeca beginning shaking in her very own boots, or stilettos, whenher taxi pulls approximately Ric’s place and she watch it’s surrounding by police tape,police cars, and the coroner"s van. And also there’s Nora’s glowing red VW Beetle,parked right in front of every the madness. She tries to stealthily overcome thepolice tape and gets quit by a cop. She insists that she’s simply trying toget to her car, and the cop allows her through. In response to her inquiry aboutwhat’s going on, he tells her about the body, which climate gets wheeled out rightin front of her. She shakily it s okay in the car, and quickly cd driver away.

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Inside, Ramos and also Juarez (who would have surely quit her,had they seen Rebeca), concern the landlady, that knows nothing around anyvisitors Ric might have had. Lock let her go. Juarez thinks they have to speakto Amador to find out if Ric had any kind of family. He tells Ramos to search throughRic’s phone contact too.
Dani calls increase Marcelo, who reluctant to answer. Luciaencourages the to choose up. Dani wants to get her wheelchair native his place.Like, NOW. She doesn’t desire to wait until he’s back in D.F. Later on that afternoon.Marcelo states he’ll contact his ex-assistant Lorena to leaving the secrets for her. (Hasn’the learned anything about giving stunner stalkers access to his keys?) Lucia’s surprisedhe’s going to D.F. That day, however he says he has some stuff to take care of,including talk to his mama, and also to Aida Lugo, his daddy’s mistress. He hassome doubts and questions the he hopes she can clear up.
In one more round the “Tere is no paid sufficient for this sh*t”,she really doesn’t require Rebeca berating her for letting someone wait for her inthe den, as soon as she’s dealing with her very own trauma. She speak Rebeca that Alfredosaid he wanted to bring ago the purse Rebeca left in his location last night(hint, hint). Rebeca sends Tere away, and goes into the office/den. Rather ofbeing thankful that Alfie acquired the incriminating purse, and also has so far kept hismouth shut, she immediately scolds him because that coming to she house and not waitingfor she call.
R: ns told you that i would call you later.A: and I told friend that us shouldn’t hide what happened.R: The police already know. Ns went to obtain Nora’s car…and I observed them bringingout the body.A: What do you intend to do, Rebeca? save quiet?!R: Yes! and also I asking you come do precisely the same!A: Of course not! we agreed to wait a day, and like one idiot, ns agreed! yet youknow what? The deal is off! R: Please, Alfredo. Ns beg friend to support me in this.A: ns can’t, nor do I desire to. I’m not inclined to become Nora’s accomplice. Idon’t know what happened, however it’s noticeable that Nora requirements help.R: That’s specifically what ns doing! help her! i’m doing what any kind of other motheror dad would perform for your daughter.A: Yes, yet Nora no my daughter! and right now, i’m going come the police…R: Yes, she IS!A: What space you saying?R: friend can’t turn Nora in. Because she is additionally YOUR DAUGHTER!