For anyone who knows the Eminem’s upbringing, you might be wonder if he went to college.

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Eminem love many elements of learning, especially English and writing, however he never ever went come college. While he has actually been back in school newly (for a much various reason), Eminem actually dropped out of highschool at age 17.

Eminem’s beforehand life to be filled through bullying, poverty, and a selection of struggles. For probably these reasons, his time in school was reduced short. Eminem joins few of the plenty of other artists who never finished high school, allow alone attended college.

Eminem’s Education

Eminem was recognized as Marshall Bruce Mathers III before he take it on the artist name of M&M, Slim Shady, and eventually Eminem.

He was born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri and also had an extremely turbulent childhood.

His father, Marshall Mathers Jr., was someone Eminem would never ever know. His mother, Deborah Mathers, supposedly emotionally and physically abused the young Eminem. She has been accused of being addicted to prescription drugs.

Eminem moved about a lot as a kid. His mother had actually a complicated time hold a task for any an extensive period of time and so the moved approximately from various schools at least two or three times a year.

The family members moved approximately between Michigan and Missouri a lot and it was difficult for Eminem come fit in and get acclimated to brand-new school environments.

The family struggled with excessive poverty and spent a the majority of time life in public housing projects.

After failing the nine grade three times, Eminem dropped the end of high institution at age 17. In ~ this point, the was also encouraged through his mother to begin contributing come the family’s monthly expenses.

Around this time, Eminem also had a daughter, Hailie.

Now, she an Instagram influencer and also chose not to monitor in she father’s footsteps. Eminem expressed prayer for her together she graduated college in 2018 v a degree in psychology and an superior 3.9 GPA.

“She’s make me proud because that sure. She’s i graduated from college," ~ Eminem

— ET Canada (
ETCanada) march 31, 2020

Eminem and also Learning

Eminem hated social studies and always had trouble through mathematics. However, the excelled through English literature and really loved learning about the English language.

This passion has made its method into his daily life now. Eminem constantly carries approximately a notebook through him and also he’s constantly writing what usually ends up in his lyrics.

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So, when Eminem never ever made it to college, he absolutely got what he needed out the education and also it has contributed to his success today.