Emma stone arrives come the premiere of Disney’s "Cruella" in louis Vuitton in ~ the El Capitan Theatre on might 18, 2021 in Los Angeles.

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Emma rock arrived ~ above the red carpet in a devilishly chic pair of pointed-toe pumps.

The actress stunned at the Los Angeles premiere the Disney+’s new film “Cruella,” wearing a high solution tailored suit, white pussy bow blouse and also black stilettos by Louis Vuitton. The premiere was Stone’s very first appearance because giving bear to her an initial daughter v husband Dave McCary in March.


Emma rock arrives to the premiere the Disney’s “Cruella” in luigi Vuitton at the El Capitan Theatre on might 18, 2021 in Los Angeles.

Sticking come the titular Cruella de Vil’s signature red, white and also black shade palette, Stone’s ensemble was accessorized with a shining red Petite Malle clutch — a Vuitton signature — and also a bold crimson lip. Glamorous accents included gold chain link and button details, a dagger brooch and also mismatched diamond earrings, look at a tribute come the film’s 1970s fashion.

That luigi Vuitton designed Stone’s look because that the premiere is solid a surprise. The actress has actually been a longtime Vuitton ambassador and also muse because that Nicolas Ghesquière since 2017, appearing in the French house’s campaigns and ads. Most recently, she starred in the brand’s spring 2021 project alongside Laura Harrier, Jaden Smith and also Angelica Ross, modeling the brand-new Rendez-Vous shoulder bag.


Emma stone arrives come the premiere of Disney’s “Cruella” in luigi Vuitton in ~ the El Capitan Theatre on might 18, 2021 in Los Angeles.

Louis Vuitton has been rock (and she stylist Petra Flannery)’s frequent choice for events, as well. The “Easy A” actress has actually worn custom Vuitton because that both the 2018 and 2019 Met Galas, Oscars and golden Globes, in enhancement to premieres for projects prefer “Maniac,” “Zombieland: double Tap” and “Battle the the Sexes.”

Pointed toe pumps are another longtime style signature of Stone’s, i m sorry she’s worn for nearly every red carpet or figure outfit because her 2009 debut. Rock has donned the full variety of stilettos, native metallics and ankle straps come capped toes and also slingbacks — and also shows no signs of slowly down v this latest iteration. It’s also not the very first time she’s worn a classic black pair, either. The actress showed up in a similar style to present the LVMH compensation in 2018.

The stilettos rock wore to the “Cruella” premiere are both stylish and also practical. ~ all, what’s an ext classic and versatile 보다 a spicy pair of black color pumps? We’re likewise considering this the official return of heels in 2021. The civilization is yearn glamour as cities begin to reopen, so take it this as the cue come don your tallest heels before hitting the town.

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“Cruella” is currently proving come be among the season’s most stylish films. As well as its knevish designer’s beginning story, the movie’s currently sprung fashionable collaborations v MAC and Rag & Bone, as well as a punky Ground increase children’s sneaker collection. Us can’t wait to see the movie’s costumes in complete when it drops on Disney+ on might 28.