I to be working with scriptcase php code generator, i m sorry is set up in a server however i access it via the web. It to be fine till who logged turn off the administrator of the server (which is the user ns use). Ns restarted the server and also logged on as admin, but now ns cant accessibility scriptcase from chrome! that shows:

Error 6 (net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND): The document or magazine could not be found.What must i do?!


Big one I see that reasons this is filename. If you have a an are then any kind of number such together "Site 2" the record path through look favor something/Site%202/index.html This is because spaces or rendered as %20, and also if one more number is instantly following that it will shot to review it as %202. Solve is you never ever use spaces in your filenames.

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I fixed the same difficulty on Google Chrome through the following:

Choose Customize and control Google Chrome (the button in the peak right corner).

Choose Settings.

Go come Extensions.

Unmark all the expansions there. (They should show as Enable rather of Enabled.)



I have actually solved this worry as follows:

removed indigenous chrome extension and also install ext again.It will work ISA


The listed below are the typical case where we shall gain ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND even file avail in corresponding folder.

font-face font-family: Eau_Sans_Bold; src: url("/fonts/eau_sans_bold.otf") format("opentype");Error: get file:///C:/fonts/eau_sans_bold.otf net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUNDAnswer or Solution.:
font-face font-family: Eau_Sans_Book; src: url("../fonts/eau_sans_book.otf") format("opentype"); Basically browser not may be to choose if us metion just /font/. We need to to point out ../fonts/ This will work. So, we wont gain ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND.
If this is an HTML paper where you space using file://FileName then making use of a CDN choose src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/angular.js/1.2.1/angular.min.js" will not work.

You will have to incorporate the .js record in her code.

I had actually the same problem: the error was paper not found, while opening HTML records in chrome, yet I resolved it as follows:


1) I saved a html file abc.html in a folder name C#.

2) when I was opened the abc.html in Google Chrome, the was reflecting error as "file no found". But it was functioning fine top top Firefox and Internet Explorer.


3) What ns did then is, ns simply readjusted the folder name C# to csharp without an are and re opened up it in Chrome. It worked.

4) The ethical is: Make certain you don"t give any room in a folder surname as some browsers don"t assistance it.

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