Errors, Parse Errors, and also Warnings

During the execution the a command, log Parser have the right to encounter 3 different varieties ofrun time errors: Errors, Parse Errors, and Warnings.

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Errors are exceptional events occurring during the execution of a command thatcause the command come abort.

Even though Errors have the right to occur due to a big number the reasons, the most typical causescan be categorized as follows: Invalid questions syntax: the query specified in the command is invalid. Input layout errors: the specified Input style has encountered an error thatprevents the from generating entry records. This might happen, because that example, as soon as the FROMclause specifies an reality (e.g. A file) that does not exist. Output format errors: the mentioned Output style has encountered an error thatprevents the from consuming output records. This can happen, for example, as soon as the INTOclause specifies an entity (e.g. A file) the cannot be composed to. Catastrophic errors: because that example, log Parser ran the end of memory.When an error occurs, the log Parser command-line executable aborts the ask execution andreturns the error message and also the error code. When an error occurs while usingthe log in Parser scriptable COM components, a COM exception is thrown include theerror message and the error code.In most cases, the error code went back is the inner system error password thatcaused the error.

Parse Errors

Parse Errors room errors that take place while the selected input Formatgenerates the data on i m sorry the ask operates.Most of the times, together the surname suggests,these errors are generated when a log has actually malformed entries (for example, when using theIISW3C intake Format), or when a system error prevents an InputFormat from handling a details entry in the data (for example, one \"access denied\"error on a file when making use of the FS entry Format).In any kind of event, the presence of a Parse Error suggests that the Input layout had to skipthe data entrance that caused the error; for example, when a Parse Error is encountered by theIISW3C Input format while parsing a malformed heat in the log, that line will be skippedand it will not be processed by the SQL engine.

Parse Errors execute not generally cause early termination of the at this time executing command,but rather,they are gathered internally through the SQL engine and also reported when the command execution iscomplete.This actions can be regulated with the -e command-line globalparameter. The value supplied with this parameter mentions a maximum number of Parse Errorsto collection internally prior to aborting the execution that the command.For example, if weexecute a ask on one IISW3C log document specifying \"-e:10\", log in Parser will certainly collectup come 10 Parse Errors throughout the execution of the command. If the IISW3C input Formatencounters 10 or less Parse Errors, the command will complete succesfully, and the collectedParse Errors will be reported in detail at the end of the execution. On the other hand, if the inputlog file contains an ext than 10 malformed log in lines, the 11th Parse Error willcause the command to abort and also return one Error.

The default worth for this command-line parameter is -1, which is a one-of-a-kind valuecausing the SQL engine to neglect all Parse Errors and report only the complete number ofParse Errors encountered during the execution of a command.

As one example, think about the adhering to command, i beg your pardon parses an IISW3C log record and writesall the input records to a CSV file:C:\\>LogParser -i:IISW3C -o:CSV \"SELECT * right into Output.csv from ex020528.log\"Let\"s assume the the \"ex020528.log\" log paper contains 3 malformed log in lines.After executing the command above, the output will certainly be together follows:Task completed with parse errors.Parse errors:3 parse errors developed during processingStatistics:-----------Elements processed: 997Elements output: 997Execution time: 0.03 secondsThis output tells us that the command executed succesfully, yet 3 Parse Errors have actually beenencountered while handling the entry data. Due to the fact that the default worth for the \"-e\"command-line parameter is -1, the SQL engine has actually ignored every these Parse Errors, keepingjust their complete count.If we wanted these Parse Errors to be reported in detail, we might specify a worth for the\"-e\" parameter different than -1:C:\\>LogParser -i:IISW3C -o:CSV \"SELECT * right into Output.csv native ex020528.log\" -e:10In this case, the output would be:Task completed v parse errors.Parse errors:Error if parsing field sc-status: Error parsing StatusCode \"2b00\": Extra character(s) found in creature LogFile \"C:\\Logs\\ex020528.log\", row number 23, value \"2b00\"Cannot find end-of-line - extra characters detected in ~ the end of log in entry LogFile \"C:\\Logs\\ex020528.log\", heat number 118Log heat terminates all of sudden LogFile \"C:\\Logs\\ex020528.log\", heat number 188Statistics:-----------Elements processed: 997Elements output: 997Execution time: 0.03 secondsThe command still executed succesfully, and also this time the 3 Parse Errors have beencollected and also reported in ~ the finish of the execution.If we had actually specified \"2\" for the \"-e\" parameter, the SQL engine wouldhave aborted the execution the the command, and also an Error would certainly be returned:Task aborted.Too countless parse errors - abortingParse errors:Error if parsing ar sc-status: Error parsing StatusCode \"2b00\": Extra character(s) found in integer LogFile \"C:\\Logs\\ex020528.log\", heat number 23, worth \"2b00\"Cannot discover end-of-line - extra personalities detected at the end of log in entry LogFile \"C:\\Logs\\ex020528.log\", heat number 118Log row terminates suddenly LogFile \"C:\\Logs\\ex020528.log\", heat number 188Statistics:-----------Elements processed: 182Elements output: 181Execution time: 0.01 seconds


Warnings are impressive events occurring during the execution of a command thatrequire fist from the user.There are only a couple of situations the could reason a warning, and also these are handled differentlydepending on even if it is or not the warning arises during the execution that a command, or when execution has actually completed.

When a warning is generated throughout the execution of a command, the command-line executableshows an interaction prompt to the user questioning whether or no the executionshould continue.As one example, take into consideration a command the writes output records to a CSV file.The CSV Output format \"fileMode\"parameter deserve to be supplied to specify what action should be taken in situation the outputfile currently exists. The worth \"2\" specifies that already existing output filesshould not be overwritten; once using this option, the CSV Output format will progressive aWarning once an currently existing output document will not be overwritten:C:\\>LogParser -i:EVT -o:CSV \"SELECT optimal 5 Message into Output.csv from System\" -fileMode:2WARNING: record C:\\LogSamples\\Output.csv exists and also it will certainly not be overwritten.Do you desire to continue? :When this notice appears, the user can choose between continuing the execution that the commandallowing added warnings to create the notice again, aborting the executionof the command (in which instance the command terminates with an Error), orcontinuing the execution that the command ignoring added warnings.

The interaction prompt have the right to be controlled with the worldwide -iw command-lineparameter. This ON/OFF parameter states whether or not warnings need to be ignored; thedefault worth is \"OFF\", an interpretation that run time warnings will certainly not be ignored andwill trigger the interaction prompt. Specifying \"ON\", top top the other hand, disables the interactiveprompt, and run time warnings will certainly be ignored and their complete count will be report whenthe command execution has actually completed:C:\\>LogParser -i:EVT -o:CSV \"SELECT top 5 Message into Output.csv native System\" -fileMode:2 -iw:ONTask completed through warnings.Warnings:1 warning arisen during processingStatistics:-----------Elements processed: 5Elements output: 5Execution time: 0.03 seconds

Tip: If you usage the log in Parser command-line executablein a non-interactive manuscript (e.g. In a script that has been scheduled to operation automaticallyat specific times), friend should constantly use \"ON\" because that the \"iw\"parameter, otherwise in the occasion of a run time warning the log Parser command will certainly stallwaiting because that a user to push a crucial in the interactive prompt.

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Warnings the are created when a command has actually completed are just reported to the user.

For example, the \"ignoreDspchErrs\" parameter of theSYSLOG Output layout can be supplied to specify even if it is or noterrors arising while dispatching output records must be ignored and also reported aswarnings in ~ the end of the execution.The following example command uses the SYSLOG Output style to send output documents to anon-existing user:C:\\>LogParser -i:EVT -o:SYSLOG \"SELECT optimal 5 Message right into NonExistingUser native System\" -ignoreDspchErrs:ONSince the stated user does not exist, the SYSLOG Output format will conference an errorfor every output document it will try to send to the user; the \"ON\" value for the\"ignoreDspchErrs\" speak the output layout to disregard these errors and also report allof them as soon as the execution has completed:Task completed with warnings.Warnings:The complying with dispatch errors occurred: The post alias might not be uncovered on the network. (5 times)Statistics:-----------Elements processed: 5Elements output: 5Execution time: 0.02 seconds