If you’re a cheaposaurus like me and also want to buy several of the premium goodies in the Crown store without spending genuine money, then right here are a couple of tips for you.

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Some of the best stuff in ESO deserve to only it is in bought using crown gems. These space really tough to come by.

However, there room a couple of easy methods to attain crown gems for free.

Let’s dive in.

What room Crown Gems?

Crowns are the premium currency used in ESO. You can buy crowns using actual money. Crown gems are choose an extra-premium currency that space really hard to come across. And also you can’t to buy them, at the very least not directly.

Crown jewel are just awarded to you when opening Crown Crates. That’s only if the crate provides you things that you currently have. Then the item will certainly be converted right into its worth in crown gems.

As you have the right to imagine, that’s a yes, really tough means to knife crown gems.

Sadly, few of the coolest cosmetics in the crown store can only it is in bought through it.

Luckily I uncovered a couple of means to earn crown gems for free.

Open Crown Crates

Well duh, this is the obvious method that involves spending real money, right? Wrong!

When girlfriend level increase a character in the game, you’re awarded complimentary crown crates at details intervals.


Opening these cost-free crates will offer you some goodies favor costumes, potions, and also crown experience scrolls.

These high-tier items can actually it is in deconstructed and converted into Crown Gems.

Let me explain.

Deconstruct your Valuables

Open the in-game menu and also go come the crate opening menu. And also then head over to the deconstructing screen. Top top PS4, it’s opened up with the triangle button.


Once you’re top top this screen, you deserve to see a perform of items that can be converted right into crown gems. If girlfriend see any stuff that you don’t need, just transform them come gems.

Collect The daily Rewards

The daily login price is another an excellent way come score part high-tier items. I controlled to collection some an excellent stuff like potions and an useful experience scrolls through logging in every day.


It’s sort of favor a chore for me now. Some days ns login to collection the reward and logout.

And then i converted this items right into gems.


It deserve to be a really slow process and it could take a really long time for you to collect part gems using this method. In fact, I’m tho trying to obtain to 100 gems so that I have the right to buy the cool polymorph. It will certainly take a while.

But i don’t treatment how lengthy it takes. I reap playing the game and also earning gems is simply a bonus.

Another method to acquire crown jewel is to acquire the ESO to add subscription. It expenses money however every month you’re bonus with cost-free Crowns. And you have the right to collect the crowns and also buy crates native them because that free. And also deconstruct the goodies to gain gems.

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If you recognize a better way to gain crown gems because that free, feel totally free to allow me know in the comments.