\"Ask the wood Elf because that Help\" is a pursuit objective/task in the quest right into the Woods in The Elder Scrolls Online


I require to obtain some assist to acquire into Tower. I deserve to get aid from either the Lamia or Faraniel.

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Into the Woods


The Moonless go - Coldharbour (Oblivion)


You deserve to head end to the pair that Faraniel and Tzik\"nith. Head end to talk through Faraniel



I know you can\"t forgive my clan because that what it\"s done, but they adhere to an ancient promise that will certainly never pertained to pass.

I can help you, though. No one knows that tower far better than ns do. However I should ask because that your help in turn. It\"s important.

What execute you need my assist for?

You have to aid me to convince my clan to break this ages-old agreement! We\"ve guarded these woods the cursed tower, assuming that one dayMolag Bal would certainly reward us and also let us go back to Valenwood.

How have the right to I change the minds of the shadow Walkers?

Like me, you\"ve been outside this forest. Girlfriend know around Molag Bal\"s plan. You know about the Planemeld.

You have to tell them that our covenant is worthless. How deserve to we ever return come Nirn if Molag Bal destroys it?

What about the lamia and also her people.

Those monsters? We\"ve been at war v them for ages. My people will never ever listen to you if you take their side.

The shadow Walkers are powerful. We would be of an excellent help come you. But only if you aid me and also convince my people.

Why need to I assist you and also not the lamia?

You\"ve viewed my civilization fight. We\"re trained come kill. It\"s what us do.

Maybe... Maybe if you can show them the Molag Bal has been utilizing us, lying to us, probably they\"ll check out his treachery for what it is and also join her cause.

Very well, I\"ll aid you.

I knew friend would assist me! I\"ll present you exactly how to gain into the tower, but first you need to convince my civilization to finish their business to Molag Bal.

And to carry out that, you need to prove you yourself to mine clan.

I should talk come the lamia first.

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Complete Quest.

Fighters Guild Visor

352 Gold


Ask the lumber Elf because that Help
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