Great service! This place is popular and can occasionally have a line practically “out-the-door” however the business is quick sufficient to manage it. The heat can show up long only because food is ordered in ~ the counter before you sit. Walk up and grab a hand held menu because their sandwich name don’t fully describe what lock contain. Also when busy, they bring your food to your table quickly and also with a smile.

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Their sandwiches room the finest in town. They have actually many timeless sandwiches prefer a mouth-watering Reuben(my personal favorite), but most have actually a distinct twist. One instance is your Sloppy Joe, which is made v beef and also chorizo. Another unique sandwich is the carry out Gouda: a steak sandwich with a red onion marmalade. They likewise have 2 vegetarian and also two vegetables sandwiches. Every sandwiches are served with one of two people a salad (made from real greens, not just iceberg lettuce!) or chips and a pickle slice.


The Reuben: my an individual favorite.


Breakfast is offered all day here, therefore don’t feel rushed. They offer a breakfast sandwich, burrito, French toast and also a bit more. (Check the end the menu below)


They additionally serve great, healthy and balanced salads and random sides choose tots, and hummus. (not together…unless you request it) and also tomato bisque. In addition to sandwiches, breakfast and salads, they additionally offer a enjoy the meal of a half sandwich, half salad or soup, and also a drink.

***They additionally cater (See food selection below)


They have actually self-serve fountain drinks, cucumber-infused ice water, regional coffee, an excellent beer and also even berry mimosas.


Self-serve fractional drinks, fresh neighborhood coffee and also cucumber water.


The restaurant is spacious, v tables and also booths for seating, consisting of outdoor seating, dealing with St. George Blvd. They have music playing, ranging from oldies come reggae. There space TV’s and also murals on the walls. They also have a sack-toss video game next to some lounge-style seating, and also (something parents can appreciate) crayons with activity place mats to occupy tiny kids. The kitchen is open, which is a quite touch.


A spacious atmosphere and a sack-toss game.


Even Steven’s donates enough funds from every sandwich they market to donate a sandwich to a human in need. Basically, because that every sandwich you buy, you space giving one more to someone that can’t afford to eat. Their partners incorporate the Utah Food Bank, The Dove Center, Switchpoint (homeless shelter/thrift shop), and The Learning facility for Families. Examine out your website to see how numerous sandwiches they have donated to-date in the Saint George area. As of march 2017, they were up to 114,817!


471 east St. George Blvd.

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St. George, UT 84770

(435) 251-6636

Conveniently located on Saint George Boulevard, about five minute from ours shop. Just a pair blocks native downtown.


Monday-Saturday: 7am-10pm

Sunday: 9am-4pm





Catering Menu

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