Idea manufacturing facility International has announced they’re localizing Extreme measurement Tag Blanc + Neptune VS Zombie Army.

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The PS Vita video game will be recognized as MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune vs Zombies in the west, and it’s coming sometime next year because that PS Vita.


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The location is such a mouthful lol.

IdeaFactory Intl. Has been doing well on pc with the mainline games. I wonder if they’ll work on porting any type of of the spin-offs to PC? This one, the musou one, and also the Noire one…

Either way, I’ve got a Vita if lock don’t.

They more than likely will I’d wager, yet want Vita to have it exclusively for a period of time first.


This one ns am the most excited about! My wife loves the zombie concept and she likewise is too scared of final Fantasy themes come play them. Together a issue of fact, ns bought Omega Quintet and also Final Fantasy Type-0… I’m no even permitted to beat FF0 if she’s home but she thinks OQ is cute and also interesting.

Maybe she’ll also play this one. :D

That’s one hell of a title. Don’t think it’ll right on the next of the Vita case. >.>

I really appreciated Neptunia U and this video game seems to be in the very same vein. I’m glad it is coming to the West.

Really happy about this title and now I simply wait because that IF video game to it is in announced so, I deserve to play with IF and Saturn

If you favor HDN games, the PSV has actually a lot an ext of those from various other companies. Offering it just since some HDN gamings are ported to computer seems hasty~.

She watched the last Fantasy form 0 opening and also was fear by the music (the operatic “it sounds favor it’s in a Catholic church!” music). I have to assume this is the just reason due to the fact that when we were PS3 purchase she to be excited to see Resident Evil and also she wanted to purchase it because she constantly played it together a kid.

Flat the end truth: mine wife is just one of those semi-naive, mainly innocent girls that tells me ns still have actually to contact her a girl because that 5 much more years.

Also, she’s native the Philippines. Several girls I’ve met below are afraid of spiritual principles outside the “God saved us v Christ”. Anything depth is type of unsettling. Countless still think in spirits and faeries (the goblins and also such, not Tinkerbell) and baby-eating, flying, shape-shifting vampire bats.

Also, mine ex, who is likewise from the Philippines, to be afraid of any kind the chanting. It can be a Filipina thing…. It could be a naivete thing… ns can’t yes, really tell. My wife promised me she’ll pat FF7 after ~ she graduates, though ns think FFIX would certainly be better? Or I can wait until civilization of last Fantasy to introduce her come the series.

Or, nope, she’s weird. :) yet it means I obtain to pat the cute anime games where girls have ridiculous proportions because, for whatever reason, she likes that.

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Radiovid December 4, 2015 at 1:55 pm

They gained Danganronpa another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls and Dungeon Travelers 2 The imperial Library & The Monster Seal come fit top top the next of the case, so ns think we’re an excellent here too :P

alterku December 4, 2015 at 3:13 pm

Thank you for the anecdote. I am jealousy that your companion plays somewhat much less casual games.