Birds the a Feather - guard Duty

Birds of a Feather is a decent pursuit to raise money because that the credit check into brand-new Vegas, also if you dislike the van Graffs. Note that castle a pretty an excellent match up for evil characters (or simply amoral characters), and it’s a decent method to earn a most caps and also get access to an excellent equipment by the end.

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Start the quest by going to the van Graff store in Freeside. If that your an initial time, you’ll should wait at the entrance until they’re done v their “meeting.” you should be able to start the pursuit by talking to Gloria valve Graff in ~ the main counter. For your test, you’ll be in fee of providing door security.Make certain that you have actually some room in her inventory because that a plasma rifle and metal armor. You’ll have to put ~ above their unique armor and also use their energy weapon when you’re on safety duty. You can pick in between the laser rifle and the plasma rifle. Although, friend don’t exactly have to relocate that much, for this reason you deserve to probably just ignore the encumbered effects during the shift.

Just choose your partner says, you must keep the end drunks and make certain that no one brings any kind of weapons right into the store.The first guy is simply a drunk, so revolve him away. The 2nd man have to consent to the search just fine. The 3rd man, the lucky gambler, will acquire indignant about the search. If you can’t pass the Speech check you’ll have to either revolve him far or let him in. You’ll lose your bonus either way, also though he’s no a danger and also won’t consent without the check.The fourth and final client is the huge decision, especially for civilization who want to take out the van Graffs. His arrangement boils down to admitting the he has a magnum to shot and get roughly the search. If girlfriend stand her ground, hell panic and open fire. You shouldn’t have any trouble transforming him into a heap of plasma. He’s obtained C4 ~ above his body. Take it (C4’s rare and expensive) and loot every little thing else you want.

If you let that go, he’ll get in the store and also suicide bomb it v the C4. This will certainly kill Gloria and Bastille in addition to all she guards. The will also destroy a fair little of the list (which is precious a many money and one that the ideal sources of energy weapons, so think carefully

about selecting this option), yet it can take care of “Heartache by the Numbers” without any kind of real pain. If you desire to death the valve Graffs, it’s absolutely an option. Keep in mind that letting this take place will turn the remaining Van Graff faction members, which should just encompass the door guard and also the caller, hostile to you. Stay alert as you go through town and also take castle out as soon as they attack.Pacer should drop by, if he’s still alive. Simply talk come him and also send him away. The should finish your guard duty.If you defended the store, simply go in and report your effective guard transition to Gloria for 150 cap (200 if friend passed the Speech inspect for the third guy).

Birds the a Feather - The Delivery

If you proceed the quest, the following step will certainly be a an easy messenger mission. Due to the fact that you’re a courier, this is quite easy. You just need to walk to the significant location on her map and find a “Strange Man” wait there. Simply hand over the package. If you have actually Speech over 75, girlfriend should have the ability to convince the to pay you part extra caps for her messenger service. Report the successful handover because that a few hundred caps.

Birds of a Feather - Cass" Fate

The third step is the difficult one. You need to make a decision here. Jean-Baptiste’s search is simple; You need to bring Cass to him. Reportedly the recent patch made it difficult to perform both quests, so friend really need to pick your side.

In bespeak to get Cass to follow, you need to do the Crimson Caravan search “You deserve to Depend ~ above Me” come buy out her caravan. This will certainly convince she to seek a brand-new adventure and permit you to pick her up together a follower. Just have actually her sign along and report in to Jean-Baptiste. If the didn’t do his intentions clear already, he’ll officially hand the end her fatality sentence. If you try to protect her, every one of the valve Graffs will attack you. Castle will likewise probably grab some nice plasma weapons from around the shop. Bastille have to hopefully it is in in that ago hallway by the bathrooms (he to be for me in my very first game). If he’s in the main shop, shot waiting roughly for a bit. If he won’t move, just start the hit and shot to run to the back left hallway. Since you do have actually some C4, remember that you should be able to reverse pickpocket that onto someone or just drop that by Jean-Baptiste. You have the right to then fall earlier to the commodes and collection it turn off to obtain a couple of easy death at the start. If you can’t/won’t do that, then try to take Jean-Baptiste out v some slugs or another strong close variety weapon. As soon as he’s down, shot to take it cover in a side roome. Use grenades and ranged weapons v area assaults to wear far at the continuing to be guards.That said, you must probably simply do Cass" pursuit “Heartache through the Number” if you’re walking to revolve them down. There really isn’t an benefit to doing the this way.If girlfriend let castle vaporize Cass, girlfriend will be able to move on come the fourth and final action of the mission.

Birds the a Feather - The large Deal

Talk to Gloria and state that you’re ready for the last trade. She’ll carry out a little of a time skip and make your equip some Van Graff combat armor. Make sure that you have room because that it, if friend don’t desire to be encumbered. Also, shot to travel light. There will be a most loot lying around, but you will need to leave through a scripted time skip. You just really get one chance, unless you want to threat some bugs going back.Once the level loads, you will do it regain regulate in a warehouse v Caesar’s Legion counting a bunch that weapons. Simply wait a moment and Gloria will suggest out that points are about to get a tiny crazy (If you a supporter of Caesar’s Legion…well simply read below since it’s even much more crazy). In a moment, a acting grenade will land through the Legion soldiers in front and also knock three world out. You can join the assault if friend want, but honestly she probably better off simply hanging ago and letting the NCR troopers take it the soldiers out. Ns don’t think that I got Legion infamy because that killing these guys, but there’s likewise not really a benefit to taking them the end yourself. The NCR and also the van Graffs have actually them outnumbered and overpowered, and also they both have a propensity to action in front of her shots. Simply walk around and pick increase dog tags and also ammo indigenous the dead soldiers ~ above both sides. Check the back area of the warehouse for any kind of surviving Legion soldiers and then report earlier to Gloria. She’ll take you ago to the silver- Rush and you’ll find out about her double dealings and also receive your fairly rich rewards.

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If the NCR hates you, since you allied through Caesar’s Legion, climate you are really in for a an excellent time. That may simply be impossible. Girlfriend can’t really wear a NCR disguise since you’ll spawn wearing valve Graff armor. Girlfriend may have actually luck letting her companions massacre everyone or making use of melee weapons, however it’s going to it is in pretty challenging to acquire the search to end up out right. Hopefully you’ll be able to hide in a corner and also let the NCR and Legion take it each other out. The valve Graffs need to be fine.

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