I've been trying to complete this quest for a while and also I can't uncover the last ghoul anywhere. I've currently discovered private Edwards and also got him to help Astor however there's an additional ghoul which seems to it is in stuck inside an inaccessible structure (the pursuit marker points to that building no matter where ns go), and also I think that's the final one I need to complete the quest. Over there don't seem to be any other ghouls around the city as i think I've searched everywhere. Perhaps the ghoul is underground, however I'm not sure exactly how to gain there. Could anyone help?


IIRC, the quest marker points come the center of Searchlight, not the ghouls. So he's probably somewhere else. Carry out you have any kind of companions? I constantly have problems where my companions kill them the end of mine sight and then ns can't discover the bodies.

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I'm certain there were various other quest markers that pointed to ghouls, yet yes I have actually companions and also I never thought about doing that. I guess I've gained a long search ahead of me...

Thank girlfriend :p

All feral ghouls have to be outside.:. Maybe try fast traveling away and coming ago a couple of days later? scenario should have actually reset chin by then.

Already tried that, didn't job-related :(

Might just need to leave the incomplete forever. Or I might noclip into the building and see if i can finish it. I'm gonna try that now.

edit: Noclipped into and also all about the building... Nothing to be seen. No corpses, dog tag lying around or anything. Guess it's simply bugged forever :(

You may have missed looting among them; i did the once. Ns apologize if you already knew this, however you can only find irradiated dog sign on "Ghoul Troopers"; they look prefer normal ghouls and attack you through combat knives rather of their claws or teeth.

I didn't recognize that, give thanks to you. I'll need to look about again yet I've already been v 20 radaways and also I don't also know how countless rad-x. I also have a bunch of open quests that ns should probably get approximately to finishing...

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Sorry because that the super late reply, was simply browsing this sub and I i found it this post. Anyway, i don't want to spoil the too much for you, however not all tags will certainly be discovered on the bodies of the ghouls in the square. Take a look roughly inside the buildings.