After teasing what’s to be billed together a Kim Kardashian diss track, beam J and Chris Brown have yielded “Famous.”The an initial single turn off Ray’s upcoming album Raydemption alludes… read More 

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I simply wanna flex on my exI just put my name on a checkNiggas smokin' propane on the jetBitches doin' cocaine top top the jetFuck all the hater shit, recognize that you watch meBig wheels, I'm whippin' the LamborghiniI see you act prefer I ain't nobodyTryna fuck a nigga high up v your issuesTalkin' 'bout, "Baby I miss out on you"Sentimental and I'm about to placed you in your placeYou think a nigga wanna diss youwhat I've to be through, I obtained too much heart because that this pencilDamn rightI know that friend cry as soon as you're goin' to sleep every cursed nightDamn lights and I ain't gon' cry'Cause I'll crap around and also make one more one...FamousMake an additional one famousMake one more one famousOh no, noSick that the liesBitch, just look at the time, look at it shineYeah, knowin' I'm fineKnowin' friend bitches won't posesthe up my vibeBitch, girlfriend a bumSorry i ain't mean it, recognize where I'm fromAutomatic tat-tat-tat the end the drumGot that paper, nigga, I obtained the fundsBitches schemin', nigga, currently knowin'Hoochie season and also she currently hoein'She Beliziean, 'bout to give her the foreignShe about to carry the finest out of meShe got the GPS, know where I'm goin'She native the 'jects, yet I took her to FlorenceGave her that inspect so that bitch can get onPinkie ring, yeah it's stainless, placed you in hazard then i made you

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FamousMake an additional one famousMake another one famousOh no, noBitch I'm alive, yes I'm aliveYeah bitch, I'm aliveTold girlfriend fuck niggas you'll view me in timeAnd to all my ex bitches just tellin' those liesI said the judge, my best hand come the skyIt wasn't me, I'm no that kinda guyShe posesthe me because that fame, watch in her eyesShe to be the first one to sign on the lineShe was the genuine one that planned it all outLook at the family, they walk around proudAll because she had actually my prick in she mouthWanna have actually me in bed while you fuckin' your spouseShows the you tho a rat and your male Mickey MouseGotta stay strapped once you walk about nowI got me a badass wife, and also I'm happy now, yeahMake an additional one famousMake an additional one famousOh no, no